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Slavery In The 1800s Essay

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During the 19th century slavery was a very prominent and controversial issue between the north and the southern states. In the South, most people believed that slavery was a profitable way of life and if the slavery was to be abolished it would then affect their economy. On the hand the northern had different opinions about slavery and intended to stop it. The fact that the perception were different between the two led to a very difficult situation in resolving the issue.
During the antebellum period, pro-slavery and abolitionists took different stance on the notion of slavery. Gorge Fitzhugh, a very prominent southerner tried to justify his reasoning for ...view middle of the document...

It is clear that both Hammond and Fitzhugh took a pro-slavery stance for economic reasons which ultimately benefited themselves and the South.
Angelina Grimke, a southerner who was very a prominent abolitionist. From an early age Angelina was offended by slavery. She moved to Philadelphia where she became a campaigner for civil rights. She also joined the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society, associated with the American Anti-Slavery Society. On her speech at Pennsylvania Hall, she expresses how she was horrified by brutalities of slavery she witnessed when she was in the south. Angela spoke out the corrupting and demoralizing effects of slavery, and called upon to all women to come together and exercise their political rights and take an active role in abolition. Yet, another prominent abolitionist supporter was Lloyd Garrison. He was the founder of National Anti-Slavery Society. Garrison intention was to disapproving slavery based on the principles of equality as well as on the commands of Biblical scripture. Garrison Organization discredited slavery and accused those who own slaves of the sin of being "man-stealers". They strongly advocate that blacks were forced to...

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