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Slavery In America Essay

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At the beginning of America’s development there were many necessities that needed to be met. Like all countries, the foundation of these necessities was based on money. How were they going to get money? How were they going to stay superior to all of the mothering countries? These were the struggles they faced. Between 1793 and 1860 boats of slaves came over to America. The purpose for these slaves was to make them do all the labor work. This labor work involved farming, cleaning, building along with gruesome hours of being controlled. The Americans controlled them so intensely because they knew that without them their economy would fall. Although slaves were cruelly and brutally mistreated, without their work and sacrifice our nation would have collapsed economically, resulting in a vulnerably weak country. This means that slavery was a necessary evil.
When we talk about slaves we can’t help but think of their color separating them form the rest. The reasoning behind there difference in color is because of where they are from. They are form Africa. Many of them were brought here on boats to be traded. Not until the late 1800’s were there many slaves that were born into slavery as an American. The slaves that came over in the boat were packed into a boat filled with other slaves like a can of sardines. For them to get food on the boat was a very rare occasions and meant that when they did get food they had to savor it. They were forced to deal with their own and others everyday bodily functions until they hit land. Once they did get on land, their lives weren’t much better. They usually were cuffed with either chains or ropes and drug to their auctioning. Many if the men that were between eighteen and thirty were sold most often and the fastest. This was because of their health; slave owners knew that they were going to get the most out of the ones that were most fit. This left women children and the elders. The women were usually used to watch the slave owner’s children, but some also did labor intensive activities along with the men. Unfortunately the children and elders were not bot half as often, because of their age and or health. Most slaves had homes separate from their owner’s home. Their houses were not very big at all. Slaves never really stayed in their home other than at night, because they were always working, day in and day out. Slaves worked hard every day and no one gave any credit to tem for it. The only reason the owners would even feed them, give them clothing, or gave them shelter was to make sure that their “workers” were at =least healthy enough to do what they needed them to accomplish. Slaves were mistreated by their owners in many ways.
The slave system was a system that no man or woman wouldn’t ever wish to be put in. Slave system- “a person legally owned by another and having no freedom of action or right to property.” Imagine waking up every morning knowing that what you wanted to be accomplished and the goals you...

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