Slavery, Memory And Women In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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Writing about any artist or author makes us more curious about the writer and his or her view of life. I believe every writer reflects his or her own perspective in their writings even if they did not talk about themselves; this will appear to the reader in one way or another.
Therefore any attempt to read the noble Prize winner; Toni Morrison’s deep viewpoints urge us to see a side of her views, for she is an outstanding offshoot of the universal literary tree more specifically in American literature. Beloved has become a must on the American reading list despite of its complexity because of its effective subject and her artistic depiction.

In 1873 slavery has been abolished in Cincinnati, ...view middle of the document...

“But her brain was not interested in the future. Loaded with the past and hungry for more it left her no room to imagine let alone plan for next day” (7.79).this is typical Sethe totally immersed and obsessed with the past. the novel considered by some critic to be complex because it’s based on flashbacks and memories both terms emphasize the dominating past of Sethe .events that occurred prior and during the 18 years of Sethe’s freedom are slowly revealed through some flashbacks .In the novel, the repressed traumatic experiences of the ex-slaves come out gradually as the characters tell the stories of their past over and over. In each telling, something more is revealed, with more details being added. The more they talk about their past sufferings, the more they are healed. The reader is the recipient of the stories and a witness of the suffering and healing.

Toni Morrison and other black women writers have been trying to develop a new type of novel, one which represents the hopes, aspiration and memories of black women. Black women struggle under double burden: that of racial prejudice and that of male-centred society.
Gender issues are also dominant in the story. Three of the four main characters are...

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