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Slavery Throughout History Essay

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Slavery is when a person is owned by another person and has complete control over that person by where they live or what they work as and is generally classed as property. The presidents didn’t have much say in law due to lack of power over it ( Slavery has happened throughout history such as, the Aztecs, Incas and the Romans, who all had slaves. (

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky. He went to school there for only a few weeks (Leland, pg.20), but had to move to Illinois because his father had a problem with the owner of the land. Lincolns mother died when he was only 9 years old in 1818, her maiden name was Nancy hanks (Leland, pg.9). ...view middle of the document...

In March, Lincoln stated, "the institution of slavery is founded on both injustice and bad policy" in his protest that he filed with legislature. His business with Stuart kept him very busy and worked with as many clients that time allowed him to. His fees were generally $5. In 1839, he eventually ran his practice on his own due to his partner (Stuart) being elected for congress. Later Stephen T. Logan became Lincolns new partner, Lincoln was 9 years younger then he, but in 1844, Logan left him due to him and his son starting a partnership.

In 1840, Lincoln got engaged to a girl named Mary Todd and due to delays, he didn’t marry her until November 4, 1842. Lincoln and Mary had 4 kids, which were all boys.

Henry A. Wise, who was the governor of Virginia, said that slavery should be passed throughout everywhere, not including the ocean in the south. Owners of slaves were given every upper hand until he came along (Leland, pg.65). The Abolition party was made in 1839. Most of the North was upset about this because they were eventually planning on having peace with the south. You were not able to make any more growths to slavery due too the free soil party being made in June, 1848, which was then strongly supported (Leland, pg.66).

Abraham Lincoln was elected the President of the United States on November 6, 1860, receiving a heavy mass of the votes. The people that generally didn’t support him was the southern party which had so little respect for him and to them he was the ‘’minority president’’(Leland, pg.84). Lincoln obviously was not the minority president because the results of the...

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