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Sleep Apnea The Long And Short Term Effects Of Sleep Apnea

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?I could not find my playing cup, and I obeyed commands like a marionette?? The soles of my shoes seemed to be of double thickness, I felt dizzy and exhausted, and panic and paranoia overcame me. The fear of loosing self control was my reason for stopping.? ?LiesbethWe have all heard numerous stories about those who suffer from sleeping disorders. Taber?s states that ?Dyssomnias, sleep disturbances or excessive sleepiness, include various types of insomnia, hypersomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, brief limb jerks, and restless legs syndrome.? Extensive trials and research have all been done to explain why these happen and even some methods of treatment. What about some side effects of theses ...view middle of the document...

Sleep is a process that takes time to complete. It begins with stage one and goes to a deep sleep known as stage four. These stages are all during the time known as Non-REM sleep, or Non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep. The first stage is a very light sleep with relaxed muscles. The second is characterized by brain waves getting larger. The third and fourth stages are where the sleeper is in a deep sleep in which their brain waves arehuge and slow which makes this stage the hardest to wake from. After an hour or so, you shift into a highly active stage characterized by rapid eye movements, hence the name REM sleep. Suddenly your brain waves are almost the same as if you were awake. You're in the dreaming stage, which occurs several times across the course of the night (Kryger).Now, what happens when we're deprived of the restful sleep we need? We're less alert and attentive, more inclined to irritability and other mood problems. These emotional changes can cause our relationships with people to be difficult. Our concentration and judgment suffer, our ability to perform even simple tasks declines, and our productivity is sabotaged. Sleeplessness, whether it's the result of a sleep disorder or an overextended lifestyle, invites diminished quality of life and deteriorating health. When we lose sleep or our sleep is poor, we also put ourselves, and those around us at high risk for accidents. Major industrial catastrophes such as the Three Mile Island incident have been attributed to human error that occurred during times when the body is at its sleepiest (Horne). If we ignore our sleep needs and get behind the wheel of a car, lives may be at stake. It only takes a few seconds-just long enough for a tired body to steal a needed "micro-sleep"- to run off the road or into an oncoming car.In 1894 Dr. M. de Manaceine showed that totally depriving dogs of sleep led to their death. Autopsies later revealed many small hemorrhages in the brains of these animals. Studies proved that adult dogs usually past after 13 days while puppies past after 6 days with no sleep. While human experiments are unethical, volunteering for a study is not. Manhattan, in time square radio DJ named Peter Tripp decided to conduct fund-raising marathon for charity. He would continuously stay awake for 200 hours and continue to do a 3hour radio show every day. The experiment was conducted in glass room with numerous people including doctors keeping tabs on Tripp. As early as day 2 his thoughts became more distorted mental deterioration set in. There were also periods of irrationality. After four days without sleep, Tripp could not functionally perform tests requiring his full attention, such as saying the alphabet. However, when it came time for Tripp to do his show, he could pull all his energy together for the three-hour block. Fans could not tell that Tripp was having some major problems. At the end of the marathon a doctor was doing his final physical examination. Tripp, tripped out,...

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