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Sleep Cycle And Effect Of Sleep Deprivation

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Sleeping is a critical part of the every person’s life. However, we approximately spend our one – third of the life as a sleep. Adequate sleep is the biological necessity of our body for the normal functioning, not for the luxury. The good sleep helps to maintain the mental and physical health. Therefore, the sleep is as much as important as the need to eat and breathe. However, when we sleep our body gets rest and it restore its energy back. A good night sleep is often the best way to help the people to cope with the situations of the stress, problem solve, or to recover from illness.
A simple understanding of the sleep cycle or the sleep stages can unable us to better understand why ...view middle of the document...

Light sleep or Stage 1 and 2 is during stage 1 of the sleep, the person drift in and out of the sleep. However, the muscle activity slows down and the eyes started moving slowly. In stage 2 the person’s heart beat slows down, eye movement stops and the body temperature drops down. Next, the Slow Wave Sleep in the first stage of it is basically last for two hours. However, during these process the person breathing slows down, and we can regain the energy, and the hormones are released rejuvenate our bodies. There is a decline in the flow of the blood to the brain, which is redirected towards improving the physical energy. Moreover, the immune system is activated to fight for the diseases and restore the health.
Sleep deprivation is a common problem. Sleep deprivation is linked to decrease the physical health, mental health and the academic performance. The lack of the adequate sleep had hugely impacted my learning and memory. However, it causes problem during the day time and I feel tired and it’s very hard to focus, be attentive, and making it hard for me to receive the information during the class. Therefore, my over worked neurons can no longer...

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