Sleep Debt And Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Who Needs Sleep?
People will die from from sleep deprivation before people die from food deprivation. It takes 2 weeks to starve, but only 10 days without sleep can kill people. Without sleep many of the people worldwide their daily functions will be taken away, such as remembering, retaining information and lastly you will be more prone to problem skin like acne. More than 78% of college and high school students pull all nighters at some point in their life in school. When pullin all nighters or not sleeping as long as students should people start to have sleep debt. Sleep debt is when people have exhausted themselves during the week and when the weekend comings you sleep as long as you ...view middle of the document...

Delayed response time and decreased attentiveness is also a large effect of lack of sleep. When the community goes a night without sleep it makes people less aware of their surroundings in the classroom or other places. College students are becoming overweight, more stressed , and have a lower GPA. These effect are a result from lack of sleep. Many college students attend parties that are provided with alcohol for underage drinkers. “ The alcohol that students are consuming can interfere with their sleeping schedule” (University of Health). Lack of sleep can have many triggers like they food people eat ,the drinks people consume ,and the activities people participate in. People are always in a rush, when on the go most people will reach for a bag of chips or a box of candy when they are hungry. These quick snacks are loaded with sugars and fats that can keep you up at night. Many of the healthy choices people can make will make huge change in their sleep schedules in a positive way.

When students stay up multiples nights in a row they will be more susceptible to diseases. Many diseases can occur from lack of sleep, the most common disease would be migraines. “85% of the people that suffer from severe migraines don't get the recommended hours of sleep”(godman). Students who have migraines won't go to school as often as a student without migraines would. “Also because of lack of sleep because can have an early onset of various diseases” (Godman). The diseases that occur the most in people that have a lack of sleep are strokes, heart disease, migraines, depression, and in the most serious cases cancer. You are more susceptible to these diseases because your brain is too tired to tell the rest of your body to fight of the diseases.

Death is the most serious and most fatal aspect that can occur when the world is not sleeping the amount that they should be sleeping. Most teenagers have multiple things on their plate at one time. School, friends, sports, and work are a couples examples of all the things that people have to handle when are in highschool and...

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