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Sleep Deprivation Amongst College Students Essay

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Many college students are affected by sleep deprivation. Our youth have yet come to realize how much sleep plays a valuable role in one’s day. Some causes of sleep deprivation ranges from stress to poor time management. Scientifically speaking, “sleep deprivation exists when sleep is insufficient to support adequate alertness, performance, and health, either because of reduced total sleep time or fragmentation of sleep by brief arousals.” (Pressman) Most college students are unaware that lack of sleep cause many of their illnesses. College students that are sleep deprived usually suffer from a range of psychiatric symptoms. I surveyed 8 people at Alabama State University and out of those 8, 6 of the participants were sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can be extremely harmful to college students and has loads of negative effects.
It is said that on average a college student should get at least 8 hours of sleep. In today’s society an average college student gets only about 6 hours of sleep at night. This is mainly because students are up late studying, there is too much noise in the dorm halls, something is troubling one’s mind, etc. “Stress about school and life keeps 68 percent of college students awake at night- 20 percent of them at least once a week.”(Lund) Majority of college students have an irregular sleep pattern during the week. Because of this many of the students try to make up missed time sleeping longer hours during the weekend. By doing this, the students’ mess up their “internal body clock”. “This erratic pattern can take a toll on students’ well-being, especially when coffee and high caffeine energy drinks are added to the mix.” (Witman, 2012) The fact that their body clocks must get used to a different routine may affect the students ability to be awake early for school at the beginning of the next week when they go back to their old ways. Also, many students don’t know how to manage their time so one may stay awake though the night trying to finish an assignment. Students procrastinate so they will stay up late cramming for a test the next day or trying to finish a paper that is due. Also, many students stay out late partying.
Sleep deprivation has a direct impact on health. Our immune system just can’t work at optimal level without sufficient hours of sleep. Lack of sleep means that students are not eating proper balanced meals. They are often surviving many all-nighters on coffee, candy bars and drugs like No-Doz caffeine pills and other drugs to complete assignments. Students might not realize that their health problems such as anxiety, migraines, irritability, inability to concentrate and other psychiatric symptoms (mood swings, bad judgment, etc.) stem from lack of sleep. Our bodies need at least eight hours of sleep each night in order for our minds and body to function properly.
Although sleep deprivation can cause poor health it also has an effect on judgment. A student that is sleep deprived has a reduced attentiveness...

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