Sleep Disorders What They Are And How They Affect People Lindsay Senior High School Psychology Research Paper

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Running head: SLEEP DISORDERS 1
Sleep Disorders
Paola Rusiles-Morales
Lindsay High School
October 25, 2017
Sleep Disorders
Humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping. A good night's sleep is essential to the
overall well-being of a person, both physically and psychologically. Sleep happens in the forms of
four stages leading to the rapid eye movement stage of sleep, where dreaming takes place and brain
activity is astoundingly similar to that of a fully awake person. The way you feel while awake
depends, to some extent, on how much and the quality of your sleep. Sleep helps the brain prepare
for the day; it clears out all the unnecessary information, creating new pathways for learning and
remembering information. It plays a major role in growth and development, and regulating
hormones like ghrelin and insulin. But not all people are able to get a proper rest. Some suffer from
disorders that inhibit their sleep making it difficult for them to get the proper amount of shut eye
needed. It’s estimated that around 4% of Americans use some sort of sleeping aid. There is a wide
range of sleep of sleep disorders, ranging from something as simple as teeth grinding to some
downright bizarre and dangerous disorders like homicidal sleepwalking.
Characterized by having trouble going to sleep, staying asleep or waking up way too early,
while having the opportunity to get a full night's rest; insomnia is the most common sleep disorder.
There are two types of insomnia; chronic insomnia, it happens three times a week and lasts a
couple of months. Short-term insomnia is brief, hence the name, lasting about at most three months.
In adults, 30 to 35% have brief symptoms of insomnia, 15 to 20% have a short-term insomnia, and
10% have a chronic insomnia disorder (Heffron, 2014). It has a variety of causes and an equally
grand array of effects. Stressing out over work or school, having a medical condition, abusing
substances, or even having a mental disorder like depression can all lead to insomnia. Not
receiving sufficient sleep, people with insomnia are left feeling fatigue for the rest of their day.
Their cognition is impaired, making it difficult to pay attention and remember things. A lack of
energy and motivation leads to poor performance in work or school. A short temper and
impulsiveness are also exhibited by those who do not receive sufficient sleep.
Somnambulism or more commonly known as sleepwalking is a parasomnia sleep disorder,
meaning that undesired events happen during sleep. While sleeping a person may get up from bed
and walk around. It is most common in children but things like sleep deprivation makes it more
likely for a person to decide to go for a night stroll. The saying that you shouldn’t wake up a
sleepwalker is a misconception, you most definitely should wake them up before they decide to
drive their car or something as equally disastrous. Sleepwalking happens...

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