Sleep, Sleep Disorder, And Treatments Essay

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We go through five stages of sleep: The number one stage occurs when we go from being awake to being asleep. The second stage is when we are in a very light sleep, from which we can wake up very easily. The third and fourth stages are the deepest sleep stages. Finally, the fifth stage is call REM. In this last stage, the eyes move very fast and is when we dream (Tagluk, Emin, Sezgin, Necmettin, Akin, Mehmet, 2010). Scientific have not find out the real reason of why we dream, there are some theories that suggest that we dream because dreaming is essential for our mental, emotional health and that it plays an important role in the memory system, and it help to recover from trauma and stressful (Young, 2011). According to the International Forum of Psychoanalysis dreams are part of the psychoanalytic therapies. The International Forum of Psychoanalysis says that during the dreams, the humans deal with problems that can be part of their real life (Taylor & Francis, 2008). Furthermore, the dreams interpretation is a current clinically used in some therapies (Brenneis, 1997). In addition, there are some cultures that believe that dreaming are divine interventions or supernatural communications with their ancestors (Young, 2011). For example, the Kalapalo Indians of Central Brazil believe that the dreams talk about the dreamer’s life, motivations, and fears. Also, in Mexico, the Zuni only talk about their positive dreams when they come true. Moreover, there are some religion in Africa and Latin American that consider that when we dream our spirit wander outside of our body (Young, 2011).

Sleep is different for everyone. Newborns wake up every three to four hours every night until they become six month old, and six month old babies can sleep up to twelve hours per night (Williams, Wilkins, 2004). Kids starting at the age of five need to sleep about nine to twelve hours. Teenagers need about ten hours of sleep but, most of the time they end sleeping less than eight hours because all the their schedules, and school work (Williams, Wilkins, 2004). Young adults’ hours of sleep varies, some of them need less than seven hours other need more than ten. Older adults sleep less, and their sleep tends to be fragile, and they can wake up very easy (Williams, Wilkins, 2004).

There are study that suggest that sleep support neural growth, memory consolidation, and protection against cellular damage (Gusman, 2003). Proof of this, is that, some studies had shown that sleep deprivation inhibit the growth of new neurons in rats (Gusman, 2003). There are studies that rebel how learning and memory are related with the sleep process and dreaming (Stickgold, 2001). The sleep process plays a very important role in kid’s school performance and, behavior. When kids are suffering from deprivation of sleep their Grade Point Average (GPA) is low compare to the Grade Point Average (GPA) of kids that are able to get more than nine hours of sleep every...

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