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Sleeping A Litte Longer Essay

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I am not asleep... but I am not awake. When the sun meets the horizon, I wake up to my alarm clock, deprived of sleep. I appear as a zombie, drained of all human life, as I exhaustedly get ready for school. I am only allowed to grab a light breakfast due to time restraints and a forty-five minute train ride to get to school. After eight hours of listening, taking notes, and testing, my mind is exhausted, however, extracurriculars and sports have just begun. I return home around seven p.m. to eat dinner and begin homework: a paper to type, thirty problems of mathematics, a biology lab report, a computer program to create, and a long night of studying for psychology and Japanese. My night ...view middle of the document...

The minor consequences include aggressive or inappropriate behavior, limited ability to learn, listen, and concentration to solve problems, and more prone to acne. The severe consequences include obesity, diabetes, depression, increase chance to use alcohol and drugs, and sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea, and circadian rhythm disorders. I see many of my classmates walk by suffering from one or more of these consequences. As I see my friend, Tony, everyday with a pale face, it reminds me of the long hours of his hectic social activities, jobs, family obligation and homework he deals with everyday. He seems to be eating more food, sleeping later at night, and unable concentrate. Doing his best is not good enough because he is unaware of his full potential with the current amount of sleep he gets.
While after twelve hours of traveling, extracurriculars, and school, teachers still demand an increasing amount of homework. Some teachers believe that assigning more homework will help improve mandatory standardized test scores. The amount of homework does not matter compared to the time to takes to complete it and not including the time it takes to study. Having five easy assignments like reading a chapter, answering multiple choice questions, writing a paragraph, prepping for a lab, and five algebra questions cannot compared to a three page paper for english and a three hour long statistic project. To restrain from assigning three to five hours of homework, teachers should follow National Education Association’s guidelines for homework. Students should be assigned 10 minutes or less per grade level per a night of homework. While the NEA’s guidelines maybe not be enough for some expectations, assigning too much unreasonable homework is unjustified. Unreasonable homework is mostly seen in mathematics. According to the U.S. Department of Education, most math teachers can tell after checking five algebraic equations whether a student understood the necessary concepts. Practicing is important but assigning over twenty problems and answering the problems incorrectly will only reinforce the wrong methods. Increasing...

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