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Sleeping Habits Essay

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The inability for a person to sleep is called Insomnia. Studies show the inability to sleep is often the result of anxiety or emotional difficulties. For example; a student averages seven to nine hours of sleep a night. However, if the student did not receive the proper sleep required it will cause the student to be extra tired. His focus in class will decrease; his punctuality will be in affect and same with his homework abilities. The student won't be 100% focused on the day.Evidence shows that adults who don't receive there 'average' amount of sleep become agitated and irritable. There patience becomes to a bear minimal and little things tick them off. Adults and middle aged people need a ...view middle of the document...

If he cries again, repeat the process until the child falls asleep. The next night you follow the same method but you wait 10 minutes, the third night 15 minutes and so on, until the child realizes how to sleep on their own.Although these theories make sense, I don't believe they will be used frequently in the near future. When parents first have children they are physically and emotionally attached to them. So to keep the child in the room and let them cry would be torture to the parent having them knowing their child is left all alone to cry.A theory that I think would work would be to light the child's bedroom with either a night light or a light outside the bedroom and close the door a little bit so a tiny bit of light comes into the room. If the baby cries then to give attention to it right away, rock it and cradle it until the child falls back asleep. Then put them into the crib and go away. If the child cries one more time, leave the child be and the tears will drift away.This theory seems successful to me because at first you are giving the child the attention that they...

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642 words - 3 pages predict a child’s academic performance was to look at their sleeping habits. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine had middle and high school students fill out a survey stating their sleep habits and their grade point average. The data collected validated that the more disturbances (such as snoring and aching legs during sleep) that occur during a student’s sleep, the lower his/her GPA is. A different study of high school students had shown

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