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Nicole looked down at Tom, sleeping soundly on her couch. He was breathing quietly, one hand near his forehead, the other lay across his stomach. Somewhere he had bought an army green t-shirt. The color rarely looks good on anyone, but of course it flattered him. It had to be the auburn hair. A black corded necklace hid just under the v-neck of the shirt. She had never seen it before, maybe she’d ask about it later.
Following the cord of the necklace, her eyes slowly slid up the line of his neck, and she had a urge to trace over each small freckle she encountered. There was a small area, tucked just under his earlobe, she imagined to be one of the softest places on his body, and had ...view middle of the document...

He was awake, but unwilling to let go so easily. She rubbed his shoulder again, trying to encourage him to come around. He reached up, took her left hand and moved it to his chest and covered it wit the other and sighed contentedly.
Nicole could feel the slow, strong beat of his heart and the expanding of his chest as he breathed. She chuckled and covered his hands with her right. “Tom, you don’t want to miss your appointment, do you?”
He sighed again, and removed one of his hands from the stack and pulled his phone out of his pocket. One handed he brought it to life and hit the screen to call someone. She heard the phone ring on the other end, a click and a muffled voice.
“Hey, mate. Is it alright if I cancel tonight? I’m beat,” Tom said.
There was a response from the voice on the other end that she couldn’t understand.
“Great, thanks. I appreciate it. Call me tomorrow and we’ll reschedule.”
More muffled response was heard.
“Cheers.” He hung up the phone and stuck it back in his pocket, returning his hand to the pile on his chest.
“Maybe you should have done that to begin with,” she chided.
He turned his head to look at her, smiling. “Aren’t you tired?”
“No. Why would I be tired?”
“I think you are.”
“I think your high.”
He raised his hand and made circles in front of her eyes with his finger. “You are getting very sleepy. Very, very sleepy,” he said ginning, then booped her nose.
She swatted his hand away, laughing. “You are high. ‘Fess up.”
“Come nap with me. All the cool kids are doing it,” he gently tugged on her hands, pulling her into the couch.
This time she sighed, like she was exasperated with him, and doing this was a huge inconvenience and it was a giant favor she was doing. In reality, it was the best offer she’d had in months. It wasn’t like this was an unusual occurrence. She couldn’t count the times they’d fallen asleep near or on each other. It was always easy and always comforting. Honestly, a little comforting today, sounded like just the thing. She climbed over to nestle between him and the back of the couch. She learned her lesson early on, that the other way around, would sometimes find her unceremoniously deposited on the floor. He wrapped his arms around her and she snuggled into his chest.
“Now, isn’t this better?” he asked. She could now feel the rumble in his chest as he spoke and it invoked a sense of safety.
“Yeah. It is,” she whispered. He almost immediately fell back to sleep. It was a gift, for sure. She lay there, not really tired, but relaxed and content.

Nicole was slowly drawn out of sleep, by the feeling of someone lightly caressing her. The hand languidly moved from the top of her shoulder, down her body, over her hip to her thigh and back up....

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