“Sleeping With The Devil” By Robert Baer: Discussion On Themes And Points Willie Williams

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Robert Baer’s “Sleeping With The Devil”, is a very interesting book. This book is actually a critique from Baer, who was Central Intelligence Officer (CIA). It describes the relationship that the Americans had with Saudia Arabia. Baer was concerned about how much the relationship between the two was very hypocritical to the American values and that it put the US economy in jeopardy. When it comes to the book’s main theme and points it includes; that America’s corruption on cheap oil and political stability in the Middle East was also a lucrative business relationship, America is vulnerable to economic disaster and risks of terrorism, and that America is blinded by low prices and are not seeing how culturally bribing Saudia Arabia is along with its Islamic beliefs.
In the book it showed that America had a deal with the Saudi’s to get oil at the cheapest and most reasonable prices. America had been depending on their oil for years and built a corrupted relationship that could erupt at anytime. The Saudi’s are a very corrupt group of people and they have rubbed off on America. They live very extravagant lifestyles and spend more than the stipends that they receive from their families. They also are involved in crimes and illegal activities to help pay for some of their expenses. Unfortunately, America may have been involved in the secretive activities that Washington does not want the rest of the country to know. America also has to stay in the Saudi’s political affairs as well. They have to make sure that they are at a mutual agreement with every decision dealing with the U.S and the natural resources.
The first oil drilled there in Saudi Arabia was in 1938 by the engineer Tom Barger. Saudi became the largest oil depository in the world. Barger became CEO of a standard oil company in California called Aramco. America knew they had an excellent supply of oil now, but the only thing was negotiating with the Saudi and making a deal or contract that’s would be reasonable. The Saudi knew that if they made this deal, that money and fortune would come their way so they took advantage of the opportunity. They took advantage of America’s dependence on their oil supplies. They are very greedy and corrupted when it comes to money and fortune. The Americans paid the Saudis in a spot of choice where they can meet and talk about money. The Paris Ritz Hotel was where they met and they also threw in a very expensive bottle of wine every time they met to make a deal.
Adnon Khashogg is a Saudi wheel-dealer who serves as the middleman for a variety of deals such as the dealings of oil from the Saudi Arabians. His estimated cost of living per day was 250,000. When Nixon became presidents, Adnon left a briefcase with one million dollars in a neighborhood called the San Clemente. They actually thought Washington was for sale and that’s why it was so much corruption with the Saudis because of greed.

Economic Disaster and Terrorism
America was...

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