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Sleeping With The Devil": U.S Intervention In Afghanistan

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At the turn of the twenty first century, the United States was hit on home ground creating another first for this nation. The enemy, an Afghani based terrorist organization, managed to hijack four airplanes, two of which were piloted into the World Trade Center. The death toll mounted into the thousands, and left America frantic. Twenty six days later, the U.S shortly followed by Anti-Taliban Northern Alliance, led a War on Terrorism in Afghanistan. This American-led invasion quickly dismantled the Taliban controlled government of Afghanistan. What came to follow were Taliban insurgency, and a war that would last longer than anyone expected it to. Contrary to the general public’s intellect, that was not the first time the U.S had involved itself in Afghanistan. Two decades prior, the Soviet Union, America’s Cold War antagonist, invaded Afghanistan which created dismay not only for America, but Iran and Pakistan as well. America’s role throughout and after U.S.S.R’s invasion of Afghanistan led to the emergence of the Taliban, who viewed the United States as their new enemy.
In order to fathom the complex incident, background knowledge is necessary. Following the end of World War II, America’s role in the world incorporated two of innumerable goals. One goal that was reinforced was becoming the Policeman of planet Earth. The idea of America being the global police force was not new to the times. Teddy Roosevelt, in the Roosevelt Corollary, claimed America had the right to be an international police force. The self-proclaimed notion that the United States was the enforcer of the world in American perspective meant globalizing democracy and Capitalism. This presented to be a simple, yet colossal issue due to the second role picked up by the United States. They sought to contain and stop further spread of Communism. An adversary of the U.S., the Soviet Union, however stood its ground for the same exact cause America opposed. These two divergent superpowers clashed in a long war of ideologies, better known as the Cold War. Continuous efforts were made by one side to hinder the other, and vice versa. Fortunate for the world, these two did not have to directly combat each other over the conflict.
Direct armed confrontations were avoided at all costs. Instead Third World nations, Afghanistan being one of them, were exploited politically and militarily, to expand each ideology. The country, predominantly being Muslim, was force-fed communism. The unpopularity of Communism created a conflict within Afghanistan, and so the Soviets responded to support those who were in favor of Communism. Those who opposed Communism outnumbered the supporters, and took up arms to even fight back the repressive regime. Those who put up resistance, or were rebellious, were collectively called the Mujahedeen.
Much like when America intruded in the civil conflict of Vietnam to stop Communism, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December of 1979 to help extend...

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