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Did you know that in some areas of the world, school starts much later than the starting time of schools in the United States? In fact, some schools starts at 8 or 9 in the morning, whereas it starts around 7:20 here. With the starting of school being too early, students throughout the country are not getting enough sleep, and their loss of sleeps are hurting their grades, causing them to not participate in school as much, and is hurting their health in school immensely. To stop these kinds of problem from occurring, most schools are considering moving their start to at least one hour later. More and more schools are now aware of the trouble caused and thrown upon students by the early start time of school and are now thinking of altering their procedures. Starting school too early in the morning is affecting the learning of students negatively because of their lack and need of sleep.
The main reason schools are starting at such an early time in the morning is unknown by the majority of students and parents, and are questioning why. So to kill these curiosities and answer these questions, many have done research and studies. It is acknowledged that most schools are starting at a very early time to provide students time for after school activities such as sports and clubs (Cline 2). Another reason schools are choosing to start early is to allow students to have more free time after school to do things such as having fun with friends and families and even work after school. Most importantly, schools are starting early to reduce the cost of transportation (Edward 1). Using fewer buses allow school to save more money for extracurricular activities for teachers and students and also provide money school materials.
Because of the effect starting school early has on students, many parents and students are rooting for school to move their start time. Because school starts very early, it’s hurting student’s health, production, and conditions in school. Therefore, many parents all over the country are supporting the idea of starting school at a later time to stimulate student’s health and well beings (St. George 1). Many are also upset and are disagreeing with the decision made by schools to start early (Edward 1). Every parent wants their kid to be fully rested, getting enough sleep, and by productive in school, but the school bus just...

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