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Sleeps And Dreams: Why Do We Sleep And Dream?

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In this research paper I will be talking about the Sleeps and dreams topic. It will be segmented into different parts, but I will first describe the basics of the sleeping and dreaming, why it happens and how. After that I will describe the different types of sleep which are REM (Rapid eye movement) and NON-REM. Other topics that will be discussed are the biological clock, consciousness and alerted, how much sleep does the body need, treatments and problems such as insomnia, sleep apnea and narcolepsy.
Firstly, why do we need sleep? Our body’s need sleep because of exhaustion that we have throughout the day which requires the body to restore and repair itself during the unconscious stage of sleep to regain energy this is called the repair theory. People usually say they have never dreamt in their whole life when they probably do every night, it’s because the moment they wake up they start to slowly forget their dreams and becomes difficult for them to recall it. Dreams usually occur when stressed or worried about something and having thoughts about one thing all day. People usually remember dreams when they really want to remember them or they dreamt about something that made them happy and it sticks to their memory all day.
Secondly, the stages of sleep of humans vary from sleepiness till stage 4; these occur in human sleep patterns. The foremost patterns which are Non-REM sleep and REM sleep which is the visually observed rapid movement of the eyeball under the eyelid during sleep. During the REM stage usually it coincides with our dreams and Non-REM usually is basically free from dreams. Stage 4 is referred as the stage of deep sleep which happens in the beginning of sleep. At this stage it’s like were out cold into deep sleep because we’re aroused by our brain through the brainstem, the primary part of our brain to stimulate the high levels of random brain impulses which then gets us to stage 2 with REM and dreams. We are stayed at this stage for a long amount of time and then moved back to the deeper stages such as the alpha stage which is when the body feels drowsy, relaxed through alpha waves while eyes are closed.
The biological clock is an internal schedule when the body needs sleep and tells you when your body needs to sleep at a...

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