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Slept Analysis Of The Retail Financial Services Market // Part 2 Traditional And Contemporary Modules Of Building Society

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IndexPart 1 - SLEPT Analysis of the Retail Financial Services Market1.Introductionpage 32. PEST Analysis - Monitoring The Environment page 42.1PEST - In An External Macro-Environment Point Of View page 42.1.1.Political Factors page 52.1.2.Economic Factors page 52.1.3.Social Factors page 52.1.4.Technological Factors page 62.1.5.External Opportunities and Threats page 63. SLEPT Analysis - Of The Retail Financial Services Market page 73.1.Political and Legal Issues page 73.1.1Financial Services Act 1986 / Financial Services andMarket Act 2000 page 73.1.2The Building Societies Act 1986 page 83.1.3The Building Societies Act - Distribution 1997page Distribution Act page 93.1.4The Law of Property Act 1925 page 103.1.5Insurance Companies Act 1974 & 1982 page 103.1.6Banking Acts, 1979 & 1987 page 113.2.Economic Issues page 113.3.Social Issues page 123.4.Technology Issues page 12Part 2 - Traditional and Contemporary Modules of Building Society4.Brief History of the Building Societies page 154.1Building Societies - Traditional Model page 15Figure 1: The Traditional Model page 164.2What Building Societies Offer page 174.3Why Building Societies are better than Banks page 17Figure 2: Building Societies - The Contemporary Model page 185. Bibliographypage 19---------------------------------------------------------Part 1 - SLEPT Analysis of the Retail Financial Services Market1. IntroductionAll organisations, both in public private sectors, from multinationals to small local concerns, operate in an environment that, as it changes, offers both opportunities and threats to businesses.When doing environmental analysis, managers try to identify events, which represent opportunities and threats to the organisation. E.g. there may be opportunities to develop new products with new technology or take advantage of changes in world trade agreements to expand into new markets. Appropriate actions and decisions by the organisation will allow it to take advantage of these opportunities. Threats, however, could be presented to an organisation's way of operating by new EU legislation.The business environment is subdivided into four sections. These sections are described as Political, Economic, Social and Technological environments in which all organisations operate at a national and international level. This will allow us to conduct what is often referred as PEST analysis. There are many different variants: Some analysts include the green Environment, and form the acronym STEEP; some add an O for 'other', a catchall category for events not easily classified under other headings, forming the acronym PESTO; others include Legal and therefore form SLEPT.All acronyms are effectively describing an environmental analysis, usually conducted for specified organisations, such as financial markets. Ideally they are conducted by the managers as an ongoing process, and the same basic issues are covered regardless of the particular acronym chosen.2. PEST Analysis -...

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