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Slot Machine Games Essay

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Free slots and online gambling, what can be more fun after a long day at work. Hearing the bells and whistles chime when those three or four fruits match-up to your bet. Slots are the most highly played game in the online gambling community. Slots, are an online casino game that are not quantifiable when it comes to the odds. Typically there are two types of bets that you can place on a slot machine. A three-line game and a 25-line game. The slot machine picks random numbers, so to win what you need is "random luck". Free slots are an even bigger online attraction for casino game lovers.
Slot machines also referred to as one arm bandits, were first developed by an ingenious man named Charles Fey in 1887. However, many speculate that it was actually fabricated in 1895. Even though there are hundreds of different designs out to play with now, it has come a long way from being strictly a poker slot. The first redraft of the machine was made with five symbols the Liberty Bell, horseshoe, spades, diamonds (a girls best friend), and hearts. In-case you are wondering why the change was even necessary, the beginning slot machines were based on a poker table game so-to-speak. Fey simplified this game and replaced the cards with symbols and bestowing a smaller reel with the device, the complexity of keeping track of the wins themselves were dramatically lowered. Customers were considerably more ecstaticed with the amount of pay-outs they can achieve with the new devices.
In 1976 the first video slot was invented in Las Vegas, when the prototype became popular enough, the video slot machine went on a test run at the Hilton Hotel. They were changed just a bit to prevent cheating and were then approved by the Gaming Commission. These games proved to be highly popular, as mechanical break throughs and the demand for these entertaining slot machines gradually climbed, you find yourself completely overwhelmed with hundreds upon hundreds of gaming choices. Whether you are playing on the web or in a casino, you are sure to be entertained longer than you would first expect from some features revised by Fey many years ago.
The odds of hitting a certain sequence on the reel is left up to the how many virtual stops correspond to that machine. Most importantly what you want to make sure you glance at before you pull the handle down is the pay table. This is shown before the game is started and will give you what symbol sequence must be achieved in order to get a pay out from one or all of the pay lines. Once the arm lever is pulled the game begins and what you win is based on the pay lines you placed your bet on.
A pay line is determined by the machine, when the reels have stopped typically the games shows you...

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