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Cigarettes Are Harmful And Should Be Made Illegal

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On November 23, 1998 46 states including American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the US Virgin Island agreed to the largest manufacture of tobacco in US history (introduction). That was a horrible decision because in 2011 a study done in the United States estimated that 43.8 million adults are current cigarette smokers. 440,000 of those 43.8 million adults died of tobacco related causes (centers). Of those 43.8 million 34.1 million smoke at least once a day and the remaining 9.7 million of them smoke every once in a while. According to US law adults have the right to smoke freely even though they should make cigarettes illegal because of the many deaths and problems they cause.
Many people don’t know the real damage that tobacco product do to the human body. Imagine losing you voice box and having to get a hole cut into your esophagus for smoking too much. Or having to spend thousands of dollars on treatments for your lungs and mouth. Smoking not only affect you, but it also affects your children and future children. When a women smokes during pregnancy cause premature birth of the baby and miscarriage. Also affect how the baby comes out it can come out to lite which means it’s at risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure (better health channel). So it does not just affect you it also affect your soon to be babies. What you also have to take in to consideration is that you’re also affecting your loved ones. You may not know it but by smoking around your family you’re giving off second hand smoke which is also every deadly. According to the center for disease control and prevention approximately 7,500-15,000 children ages 18 months or younger who are exposed to second hand smoke are hospitalized (center). And you’re hurting them by slowly killing yourself. Their just watching you hurt yourself and maybe because they see you smoking they think its ok. Which leads them to start to smoke so they can be like their dad or mom.
Studies show that 80 to 90 percent of US smokers took up the habit before age of 20 (worshop). In a study done in 2005 it shows that grades 9-12 are where teen real start to use tobacco products. The percent of tobacco users was 28.4% and the percent for cigar users was 14% (current). Why do they start smoking is it the parents fault or is it propaganda.
What makes tobacco so great that makes some one want to go and buy some? What’s the best way to get someone to by your product then to use propaganda? What do you see when you turn on the TV, open up a magazine, or while surfing the internet? You see good looking people enjoying a cigarettes. They make you believe that by smoking cigarettes you will lose weight and be more attractive. They also trick you by having famous people smoking their product while they’re hanging out with friends and partying in clubs. When you see them it makes you want to be like them so you go out and by a pack of cigarettes. In...

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