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Even though some people aren’t treated equally, many are seen as equal and are treated equally. Some people are seen as unequal because of race, job description, or even age or gender. We are all humans, and are born with many of the same qualities. In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Tom Robinson, is treated unequally throughout the book during the case because of his race, but after his trial and death, people such as Aunt Alexandra start to see Tom and others like him as equal. Even though Aunt Alexandra is initially a racist against blacks, she begins to see them as equals once she hears about what the officials did to Tom and how they excessively shot him.
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“Atticus, I’ll go next Sunday if it’s alright, can I? Cal said she’d come get me if you were off in the car.” “You may not” Said Aunt Alexandra (181).“You may not”, this is a powerful part of the quote because Aunt Alexandra not only believes she can interrupt Atticus’s conversation with his daughter, but she thinks she can actually make a choice for Scout. Aunt Alexandra thinks blacks are very low class so she doesn’t want Scout to be with any black people. She doesn’t’ want Scout to start treating them nicely, treating them equal.
Once Aunt Alexandra begins to see how bad racism really is,she feels badly for all the injustice blacks have faced and she begins to reconsider how racist she actually is. Calpurnia told Aunt Alexandra that the kids (Jem and Scout) were watching the trial without Atticus knowing. Atticus then found out and told Calpurnia to bring the kids home to eat dinner. “Aunt Alexandra met us and nearly fainted when Calpurnia told her where we were” (278). “Nearly fainted”, Aunt Alexandra realizes that the kids weren’t suppose to be there so she was shocked. Aunt Alexandra knows that what the white jury is doing to Tom isn’t right. She knows they aren’t treating him equal, so she doesn’t want the kids to see the horrible case. Also court is more of an adult’s thing, so she doesn’t want kids to see the truth about racism. When Atticus comes back home from the unfair trial where Tom Robinson is convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, he found his son Jem crying. Aunt Alexandra also seemed a bit off. “I’m sorry, brother” murmured Aunt Alexandra(284). Aunt Alexandra felt bad about Atticus not being able to help, and she felt bad for the inequality the jury had against Tom. She felt sick, because she knew Tom wasn’t guilty. Aunt Alexandra also calls Atticus “brother” for the first time, which means that she actually felt bad.
Once Aunt Alexandra begins to see how bad racism affects innocent people, she feels badly for all the injustice blacks have...

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