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From A Small Beginning Essay

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My sleeping self remembers from radio-like memories. I start walking into that distant time. The monochrome sky stretches out past the limits of the world and I and he is stood in front of me.
It was always him who I was with. No matter what happened we were together. He said to me what he said that time, “Why are we in such an awful world? If I look upon it, it’s empty. I don’t want to exist in a world like this. So, I will change it.” I had always ignored it, but you felt the rain, the rain of hardships, and you wouldn’t accept it. Our town that we grew up in was incredibly poor. Of course it was hard. An everyday struggle. But then there was you parents. During a riot, they were killed. Since then you hadn’t talked as much; like you blamed yourself. Nevertheless, that’s where our dream began – our dream to change the world. My sleep begins to crumble and you and everything begins to fade away.
I am left alone in my own thoughts as I watch the scenery outside. The barren moon clings to the sky filled with so much emptiness I could drown. We’ve come so far from that time. Maybe now we can begin to change things. Silently, I walk over to where you and the other council members are stood. “Do you really believe that you stand any chance of becoming leader of the country? You are just a poor boy from a poor town.” The old men laughed. How dare they say that! I, about to say something, was being held back by you. Nothing ever seemed to effect anymore, you had that same emotionless expression and cold eyes. You carry a deep darkness within your heart. However, I am sure that you can win this election even if nobody else believes it.
It is the day of the election results. The clock hands push us forward. The time is nearing. I feel a cold hand touch my shoulder; like the coldness in those eyes has spread throughout your body. You could tell I was worried. Then, it was time, you left. Alone, I am left waiting. Minutes have flowed by and my heart is pounding. The door is opening, you’re back. You look emotionless. What are you thinking? Surely you will be happy, but you haven’t smiled in years. Then you spoke the words. ”We did it. I am the new leader of this place – we can start to make change.” I can’t believe it. We did it! We were dried of everything but the future and now it...

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