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Little Brother Essay

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"There is nothing left," the words uttered by a young Cambodian civilian known as Vithy. In the novel, Little Brother by Allan Baillie, it is evident that war has devastating and lasting effects on civilians. These three occurrences are clearly manifested in the novel. They are: Loss of family, Loss of property and Genocide. The most terrifying thing of all is that children, such as Vithy, went through these traumatic things.Firstly, war has devastating and lasting effects on civilians because of loss of family. Vithy experienced the loss of family due to war. He was separated from his parents and his younger sister, Sorei. His father and his sister were murdered because they were educated and his mother died of starvation because she gave her food to Sorei. "My sister, Sorei, was taken away because she told a soldier she knew how to read and do sums." No one saw her again."My mother died from starvation because she had given up all her food to Sorei." Many other Cambodian civilians experienced the loss of family due to war. The King did not have a family due to the Khmer Rouge and the war and all the people that stay with Ponary are displaced family members. Thus, family loss because of war has devastating and lasting effects on civilians.Secondly, war has devastating and lasting effects on civilians because of loss of property. "No one owns anything anymore," is one example of this. Another example is the King in Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh was ruled by the government. Now due to the war, a young boy, is now known as the King of the city....

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