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Not all small businesses take advantage of the internet for their work. My father is a small business owner whom doesn’t use a website to support his business. Small business owners such as a handyman need a website to prosper in the year 2014 in the US. Websites are necessary to support current customers, new customers, and the health of the business.
My father is a handyman, former painting contractor, whom has been working on his line of work for the last 20 or so years. He truly believes his business does not need the internet to prosper in the current year. My father rarely hires co-workers, but when he does, they tend to be personal friends. My father also thinks that he has enough ...view middle of the document...

Anything people want to discover, people will turn to the internet first before going on a manual search. As of 2014, getting information through word of mouth is not as powerful when a different way to search up a person or business is available. It will save a person the trouble of using too much time if one’s information is easily searched on the web.
With a website, people can get access to a small business’ information with ease. It is easier for clients to refer potential clients to a person with a website. People before they attempt to hire someone tend to want information on the person they may hire. A website allows a person to give a clear description about themselves and what kind of work they do. Unrelated to my father, it is also a good way to show off what kind of goods a business sells, and general information on the business. People like to look up who they hire in this age because we live in an age where we rely heavily on the internet. Customers expect information available on someone they may hire. Word by mouth is not a reliable source of information. Although someone who had hired the business recommends it, it does not give any clarity on the person or what the business is. The ultimate downfall to word by mouth is that you will need to take a person’s word on a business since there isn't any other information available. People now want a solid source of information, which a business with a website provides.
When making a website for a business, it is important to make the website easy to navigate through. According to Wright from an article in, “Be sure navigation is clearly laid out. I always recommend using drop-downs in the navigation menu so the visitor can see the content under every heading from almost any page. You want to make it very easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for, or what you want them to know.” With easy navigation, a customer will not struggle with looking for information needed.
Spreading contact information will also be easier with a website. Business cards cost a good amount of money to print out and take some effort to spread around to clients. Contact information for a business with a website is mainly placed on the home page. Communication with a small business owner will not lead to a game of phone tag. There are other methods presented on the home page and will prevent losing potential clients due to not being able to contact the business owner at the time.

Most businesses tend to have a few employees, especially small businesses. A website is a good way to handle employment opportunities in a business. Big businesses such as Staples and McDonalds have sections for people to apply for a place in a job. A website presents the opportunity for a small business owner to receive resumes from people who want to begin working for them. With a professional way of hiring co-workers, it is a secure way to hire someone who knows how to get the job done. Depending...

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