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Small Family Essay

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Big or small family
Is it selfish to have more than two children? The decision about the number of children you will have is really important. This decision will not only affect the family it will also affect the society and the environment. Parents have more than two children do not pay attention to the problems that their children will face in the future. They are proud of having an extended family instead of thinking about the future. People now realize the value of having a nuclear family. Markedly the population is increasing every second and under those circumstances there will be unbearable load on the family and the government. The main concern is whether to have an extended family ...view middle of the document...

London school of Hygiene and Tropical medicine in their research found that “having a small number of children increased the economic success and social position of descendants across up four generations, They conclude that the decision to limit family size can b understood as a strategic choice to improve the socioeconomic success of children and grand children in modern societies” (London school of Hygiene and Tropical medicine , 2012 ) .

An additional reason for having a small family is providing a better care. Caring is not only a corporeal issue but it is also a psychological thing. Having a nuclear family means being a better parent as children will get more attention and love from their parent. When the child faces any problem in school or in any field in the life he will find a help from his parents tenderly. Moreover, in small family the parents can be closer to their children by playing together or going out in the weekend as a result they will be a cohesive family.”Some researchers have demonstrated that children of blended families do worse, on average, than children in the traditional nuclear family. They have found that children of blended families score lower on measures of academic achievement, conduct, psychological adjustment, and the quality of mother-child and father-child relationships”(Kristy Jackson.ND). Providing a better care is not only for the children, it is also for the mother. The mother bear load and responsibility more than the father and when she gives born for more than 2 children that affect her health badly which in turn will affect the life of her children. Unlike having less number of children which will provide her with better health, better life and consequently a better future for her children. Another instance for better care is the caring of the government,...

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