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Mourning is a feeling that everyone in their lifetime goes through. Whenever someone passes away, the family and friends feel discouraged. In today’s society people express the loss in different ways. In his essay “Committees, Juries and Teams”, James Surowiecki describes the sudden deaths of the astronauts on board on the space shuttle of Columbia. This was a tragedy to the North Americans and to the rest of the world, because it had different people with different backgrounds on the shuttle. Each family was mourning the loss of that special someone. In her essay, “False Identifications”, Diana Taylor also describes the sudden deaths of celebrities and how it affected the society as a whole. For example, the sudden death of Princess Diana and how it affected everyone around the globe. When families come together and mourn their particular individual is when people see that small groups can come together. People of different backgrounds can come together with one goal in their minds and that goal is to mourn that special someone that is gone. Small groups can be successful when it comes to mourning because they can support each other and their family members.
The catastrophe that happened on the shuttle of Columbia was something that everyone saw and everyone felt. Inside the shuttle the astronauts were trying to figure out what was happening, but unfortunately there was no more time. “During the shuttle’s ascent into the atmosphere, a large piece of foam had broken off the left bipod area of the shuttle’s external fuel tank and had smashed into the ship’s left wing” (Surowiecki 215). This quote demonstrates in full detail what was happening to the shuttle. While the shuttle was departing the people from the control where looking at this image. Small groups inside the Mission Management Team were trying to look for options and see where they can fix the problem. Unfortunately in this case small groups were unsuccessful because there were too many factors that were looked at. Many of the coworkers did not give their opinions and therefore did not make a decision. This can also be compared to the death of Princess Diana, because her life came to an end because of the media. The paparazzi chased her to her death, and the small group that was next to her could not do anything about it. Her driver was trying to get away, but he was caught up in the act. When it comes to desperate moments people try to do anything to fix it but sometimes it does not work.
Group work is a common idea and in order for a group to be triumphant each member has to listen to the other opinions. Media plays a lot in the process of mourning. The media portrays the famous celebrities in different ways. They can be seen as someone who is truly admirable and someone whose reputation is down the drain. In the case of the astronauts, the media recognized the lives of the astronauts on board and the people truly cared for them. “The briefing room where the presentation was...

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