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Small arms having a strong impact on the world, controlIng present and future power, economy, security and many other factors over the economic development globally. Technology is advancing every day, people are living longer, lives are being made easier, and security is getting tighter. That being said, most technology in the world helps the greater good, and the common man’s job is made less labor intensive. Also on the other side of the card, others could say violence is being made more frequent with technology; people are dying by new technology, such as firearms, auto mobiles, automated machinery, etc. Small arms would be that advance that would be a strong factor in both polarities of positive and negative.

Small arms are a class of classification of certain types of firearms. Small arms are weapons such as handguns, pistols, sub-machine guns, mortars, landmines, grenades or light missiles. All could vary in caliber and in subtypes. Caliber meaning the diameter and length of the bullet, and subtypes meaning that a handgun could be a pistol or a revolver, automatic or semiautomatic, all determined by the producer. Reason for the most of the small arm’s popularity and threat would be their long life span, easy mobility, low maintenance labor and cost, convenience of purchase locations, easy concealability and high firepower. These factors and many more would tie in of how small arms are so popular on a world scale level. Needs for small arms are in a high demand, being for both a positive and negative purpose. Yes, there are guns that kill innocent people, but then there are the ones that protect, most of the time very important people who keep order such as the president. Small arms are here to stay no matter what happens in the world, no law or ban could ever take these guns away. In reality, there would be nothing left to do but what has been already done throughout the past years, suppress the wicked with the righteous.

Reason for the economic growth of small arms would be that of, being able to turn any mediocre firearm into a super power. Firearms have been tweaked and twined throughout history to find the world’s best weapon. Now that most are up to date, people are relying on attachments and modifications to super charge their stock weapon. From the barrel, things like a longer or shorter barrel will change how the ammunition reacts to a severe degree. Inside the barrel some will have winding groves, to help spin the bullet as it exits the barrel, therefore creating a smaller radius of where the bullet will hit. Attachments at the end of a barrel are also very severe to accuracy, how much recoil is delivered through the gun, and if using a shotgun how the pellets will be spread towards the target. Other attachments like a suppressor or a flash hider are simply for tactical purposes. Suppressors muzzle the sound of the loud firearm even to a mere whisper, where a flash hider/suppressor dims the light of a discharged bullet’s...

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