Small Town Triumphs Big City Essay

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Is it better to live in a small town or big city? Some people believe in living in a big city. However others feel that living in a small town is the better choice. I am positive that living in a small town is better than a big city; there is less crime, you're a closely knit family type unit, and the over all atmosphere is relaxing.

Small towns have a lower crime rate than big cities do. Robberies happen six-hundred thirty-times less in small towns. Car theft happens 673 times less in a small town. There are 736 less break-ins in a small town. This is just one of the many examples to a small town

Another reason you would want to live in a small town is because you know your neighbors, you're like family, you watch out for each other and you take the time to care about another person. A lot of people leave their doors unlocked, my grandparents fried Bob never locks his back door in case someone ...view middle of the document...

This is another reason you would be at an advantage to live in a small town.

Also, in a small town you take your time, you stop to smell the roses, you enjoy the peace and calm. There is less traffic and noises, sense there aren't as many people there isn't much noise and there defiantly isn't a lot of traffic. It's peaceful,calm,relaxing, you could drive through any small town and feel this sense of calm and peace come over you. There is space, you have space to roam, or take a breath and not be right on top if your neighbor, there's plenty of room for children to grow and spread their wings. I believe that this is an adequate if not substantial reason to live in a small town.

Although small towns are magnificent, there are a couple of advantages to living in a big city. There are more malls,restaurants,movie theaters,etc. to choose from. Although these are all true, you're never going to beat the down home country cooking that comes with small towns. You may have to drive a few more minutes to see a movie or go to the mall but nothing beats down home country cooking. There is crime everywhere, how is that a valid point? It's valid because compared to a big city small towns have remarkably less crime. There are more education opportunities in a large city, more opportunities to become something great if you're in a big city. Although people this this it is not valid. Now days you can get a great education online and become educated. Some small towns have just as good of an education system as large cities do. As you can see, the perks of a small town have only increased.

Don't you want your child to be safe? Do you really want to subject your child to violence and aggression? Don't you want your child to grow up with a tight knit family value system that a small town provides? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the best option for you is a small town.

Living in a small town is better than living in a big city. Do what's best for your family, and more to a big city! There is less violence, more space, and tight knit relationships that come with a small town. It's the perfect environment for children and adults of all ages.

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