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Wise Blood (!952) is a novel by Flannery O'Connor. It is the story of Hazel Motes, a 22-year-old man who returns home to Tennessee after four years' service in the army. Hazel had grown up in the town of Eastrod, but his parents and family are all dead. Hazel's grandfather had been a preacher.Before Hazel had joined the army, he had intended to become a preacher. Now, he is trying to avoid Jesus, whom he sees as a ragged figure moving from tree to tree in the back of his mind.Hazel travels to the town of Taulkinham. He meets an 18-year-old boy named Enoch Emery who tries to become his friend, but Hazel rejects him. Hazel is attracted to a blind preacher named Asa Hawks, and to the preacher's daughter, Sabbath Lily Hawks. Hawks tells him that he cannot run away from Jesus, but Hazel tells the preacher that Jesus does not exist.Hazel buys a used car from a car lot. He starts to preach on the street, preaching the Church Without Christ. He changes his stiff, black, preacher's hat for a white panama hat.Hawks's daughter shows Hazel a newspaper from ten years earlier, which says, "EVANGELIST PROMISES TO BLIND SELF," and which explains that Asa Hawks, an evangelist of the Free Church of Christ, had promised to blind himself to justify his belief that Christ Jesus had redeemed him. Sabbath Lily tells Haze that Hawks had blinded himself with lime. But she does not tell Hazel that what really happened was that Hawks had lost his nerve and never blinded himself. Hawks has only pretended to be blind.Enoch Emery, meanwhile, has felt himself being transformed. He knows that something is going to happen to him, because he has "wise blood." He knows by his blood, his sense of intuition or instinct. Enoch steals a shrunken man from a glass case in a museum, and takes it to Hazel's apartment, because he wants to give Haze a new Jesus for the Church Without Christ. Sabbath holds the shrunken man like a baby in her arms, but Hazel takes it and throws it away.Another preacher named Onnie Jay Holy listens to Hazel's preaching, and Holy starts to preach the Church of Christ Without Christ. Holy tries to join forces with Hazel, in order to make money from preaching. But Hazel rejects Holy, calling him a liar. Hazel says that there is no such thing as a new Jesus, and that his church is the Church Without Christ.Later, Hazel sneaks into Asa Hawks's apartment, and discovers that Hawks is not blind. Hawks abandons his daughter, and Sabbath becomes...

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623 words - 2 pages . (www.georgiaencyclopedia.org) In 1952, her first novel, known as Wise Blood, was published. According to the Georgia encyclopedia it affirmed, “O'Connor's master's thesis was a collection of short stories entitled The Geranium, the title work having already become her first published story (Accent, 1946).“ In 1947, she won the Rinehart-Iowa Fiction Award for her novel Wise Blood. Although she was well on her way in the creative writing field, three short years later

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