Smart Devices And Standards To Communicate With Each Other

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The sheer number of vendors, technologies and protocols, that each of the smart devices currently produced use, make it challenging for them to communicate with each other. The lack of consensus on how to use standards, protocols to allow smart objects to connect and collaborate with each other is a challenging proposition as it will be tough to integrate applications and devices that work using different network technologies and on different networks. Further, organizations also need to find ways to ensure that smart devices can interact and work with multiple services. Other hurdles include a nascent ecosystem of IoT applications, and ensuring that strong security is in place for the ...view middle of the document...

This raises serious privacy concerns. With most of the devices connected and having the ability to work without much human interference, organizations need to be concerned about hacking and abuse by criminals.

For instance, making sense of the huge flood of data that will be generated by sensors every second will require organizations to have strong capabilities in managing, storing and analyzing the data. Similarly given the privacy concerns and need to integrate devices across systems, technologies, networks and geographies, policy makers will need to step in to resolve issues in order to ensure that organizations and consumers can reap the benefits of IoT while addressing concerns about data, security and privacy. On the same lines, organizations will also have to develop the ability to use IoT to preempt potential component failures, replacements, preventive servicing and maintenance to ensure business operations are running efficiently.

The steep challenges on the path to IoT can be surmounted by taking an integrative and holistic view of the opportunities that IoT offers to build potential business cases. According to Gartner organizations should, “Consider connectivity, data collection, data analytical requirements, system management and the challenges of integrating new assets into existing processes and infrastructure, or building entirely new infrastructure in support of new revenue streams. Focus on the measurable and material improvements in revenue, efficiency or profitability that might arise from the ability to better monitor, manage and control remote assets.”
As more and more organizations brace for the digital disruption in their businesses, decision makers from finance, sales, supply chain and other key departments should identify and prioritize the opportunities and risks it brings. Similarly they also need to focus on developing technology-agnostic solutions to help mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities. Going a step ahead, leaders should also identify key elements that will be required to develop effective solutions to deal with potential scenarios. CIOs of organizations should be encouraged to get a good understanding of IoT to take advantage of the benefits that it offers.

CIOs will need to play a crucial...

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