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Most of the nation’s dogs are overweight, and a majority of their owners are blind to this issue. According to the latest research of Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, Veterinarians assessed more than half of the dogs are overweight or obese. However, their owners do not aware their dogs are overweight. Dogs are less healthy, as the problem of overweight is often associated with chronic health problems like hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. However, dogs do not tell owners directly when they are suffering from common canine problems even tent to hide by nature. It may delay the treatment of the dog.

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In fact, it is difficult to adapt to wear vest for a long period. Heart rate monitors of smart dog collar employing radio-frequency rather than electrode means to acquire heart rate offer the advantage of a lighter and compact size.

Technical description

This present invention is a collar consists of three sensor for detecting temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate. An accelerometer and GPS can monitor the adventure of the dog. A processor can interpret all data and signal and synchronizes with a Smartphone. There is a speaker for communicating signal to the pet animal remotely.

Wellness monitor

A monitor use radio-frequency technology measures the expansion and contraction of arteries in a dog's neck. It utilizes two continuous radio frequency signals. The radio frequency has Doppler components due to movement of the skin caused by respiration and blood vessels expand and contract with each heartbeat. Heart and respiration rates can be measured accurately. A temperature sensor is used to detect the body temperature of the dog.

Activity monitor

When a dog walks or runs an on-board accelerometer and GPS outputs data twenty four hours a day to the smart phone wirelessly. It provides a real-time summary of dogs’ daily activities, including walks, playtime, and periods of rest. A processer interprets the results of multiple vital sign readings then expects calories burns of dogs.


Smart dog collar offers a new and easy way to communicate with dog through the app. It includes a remotely actuatable speaker for communicating sounds to the Dog. Owners can give instruction to the dog using their smart phone. Difference command will give difference acoustic signal like sit, stop and walk. The consistency of the signals helps dog to understand clearly.


The app compares dog vital signs and activity data to norms based on factors such...

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