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Intelligent, Manipulative, And Lover’s: Women Throughout Literature

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Women have played a significant role throughout time and this is portrayed in many works of literature, including Thousand and One Nights and the Canterbury Tales. In both of these works, women are shown to be very intelligent, experienced, manipulative, lovers, and fighters. Women since the beginning have been thought to be liars and both characters in Thousand and One Nights and the Canterbury Tales have all these characteristics and similar themes. The main characters are Shahrazad and the Wife of Bath, Shahrazad is fighting to live while the Wife of Bath is simply on a journey playing a story telling game. Although in very different situations they both have the same strengths and similar characteristics, and this adds up to show the role of women at the current time of the works and now.
In the Thousand and One Nights, Shahrazad tries to change the Kings ways of killing the woman he sleeps with the night before. She lies to him and begins to tell stories each night for the next three years. She manipulates him into wanting to hear these stories for three years, and they end up having kids and the King decides to let her live. Even though she lied it was for her life, and any man or woman would lie to protect themselves from death. Shahrazad was intelligent in saving her life and the rest of the women in her city. Her role was significant in saving the women and helping them be able to keep reproducing and repopulating. If she had not done what she had done, the King would have killed every woman resulting in no way of reproduction for his people. Many women throughout history shared the same strength and intelligence in getting their freedom or point across even to men. For example, wives of presidents would give them ideas or manipulate them into taking a certain side for the citizens whether it be for better working conditions or for actual womens rights. The role of women has always been for bearing children, but women began using their knowledge and playing men like a game. A method many heart broken men would agree is still used today in modern times. On page six-hundred and forty-five Shahrazad is actually granted her freedom, being told by the King that he loved her and their children. She had finally won after only three years she saved the women of her city and lived to be happy, with her sister and husband. Shahrazad showed a more dominant role compared to other women, a more in control role even though she was on the verge of death she held the Kings interest in her stories until the end. Shahrazad is a very strong character, even through the lies she had the desire to control and did so for a thousand and one nights or three years.
The Wife of Bath is a character Chaucer describes as “gap-toothed, badass, old, elegant, and married five times.” The Wife of Bath was a liar letting words slip between the gap in her teeth, and she only loved once but was married five times. She rides to the side of her horse in a elegant yet...

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