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Today’s smartphones has been all over the places since the last six years when Apple introduced the one button smartphone to build the costumer market, but in certainty smartphones has been in marketplace since 1993. The difference among today’s smartphones and early smartphones is that early smartphones were mostly intended for companies users and used as enterprise devices and also and those phones were costing too much if the general consumers wanted to use. The smartphones revolution is distributed into three main stages.
First stage was simply meant for enterprises, during this all the smartphones were aimed to the companies and the functions and features were responds to the ...view middle of the document...

All the icons has been redesigned and also the grid system has been developed. Moreover, it incorporated a whole new palette of has a distinct functional layers to help launching hierarchy and order, and the use of clearness that gives you a sense of your context. The interface created inappreciable and deferential.

Features and Enhancements:
 Control Center:
It’s about one swipe from any screen opens up a set of useful controls. It allows the user to turn On/Off the AirDrop, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and also the user will be able to activate the night mode and the flight mode and to turn the flash light On/Off and many.
-Notification Center:
With IOS 7 it’s available from the lock screen with a new at a glance view of your day.
 Multitasking:
It makes you jump from app to app, much more intuitively, it actually pays attention to which apps you use most and automatically keeps you content up to date in the background.
 The new camera app:
With the new feature that has been added to the camera the flexibility you can swipe among the modes from video to photos and to square mode while using a new palette of filters.
The IOS 7 device will be able to know the time and location for the photos that you have taken the photos app will organize your pictures in an intelligently way by grouping them into moments and collections. In addition to that the iCloud photo sharing friends and family will be able to contribute their own photo and videos to your shared albums.

 App store:
IOS 7 brings a new features which allows you to know the popular app based on your current location “Near Me” it’s a new way to find a curated collection of apps.
 AirDrop:
It makes it easy to share with people near you, when you have got something you want to share, AirDrop shows you your contacts close by, just select who you want to share with and AirDrop does the rest and if someone is not in you contact you just activate AirDrop and you can send them files too.

 Internet browser:
The safary browser has been redesigned the user interface it allows you to see more of your content starting with full-screen browsing and also new way to see your safary tabs.
 Voice command “SIRI”:
Siri is more helpful and informative combined Twitter and Wikipedia, and with a new male and female voices Siri sounds better than ever. More than that Siri can help you in new ways by doing things like changing the settings on your IOS device.
 iTunes Radio:
It’s a new and great way to discover new music there has been created many features stations from the best selection of songs online also, at...

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