Smart Phones And People Essay

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Dumb people have smart phones. Sit and think about that for a moment, it’s a painfully ironic observation. Now this is not a statement that suggests all people with smart phones are dumb. However, do people bother to remember a phone number when it’s given to them? Nope, straight in the smart phone it goes. What if someone is posed with a question they don’t quite know the answer to? Well why not Google it? Americans have become so dependent on smartphones that it has an adverse effect on memory retention. With the all-knowing power of the Internet at our fingertips there is no need to retain information.
Not only does this stride in technology eliminate the painstaking task of thinking it also captures video and takes pictures. Now there isn’t even a need to remember what you ate yesterday or how well your daughter’s piano recital went. Some of these amazing devices don’t even require proper grammar or spelling when sending a text to a friend or searching the definition to the word “imbecilic” because it auto-corrects you. No more need to think, remember, or spell, the smart phone does it all.
One of the many issues that have arisen with these smart phones is the function that allows the device to automatically correct spelling or in some cases automatically complete the sentences typed on them. This function is highly convenient and efficient for almost every user. However the problem lies in the youthful user.
The amount of children having access to smart phones, or being given smart phones at a young age is becoming a more common practice. These children and teenagers are primarily using the devices to text message friends and using what is know as text speech (ex. Lol means “laughing out loud” or ttyl means “talk to you later”). It’s a combination auto-correct and text speech that would hinder the learning or at least the importance of proper grammar and spelling in children and teenagers. As a result memory is hindered but instead replacing the how to spell ‘because’ with its shortened version ‘b/c.’ In some cases the use of text speech is carried over to the academic side of writing, teenagers using text speech either accidentally when writing a paper or on purpose (Crystal 151). The issues caused by smartphones not only attack the memory of grammar and spelling but also simple mathematics.
Seven digit numbers where once easy things to remember, easy because it’s the length of a phone number. Before cellphones became mainstream around 2003 it use to be a person would have a list of phone numbers they memorized, usually the home phone, their parents/grandparents phone, work, and a close friend or cousin. That averages at about six phone numbers memorized per person, each number being seven digits long meaning 42 individual numbers all together.
Between 2003 and 2004 cellphones started to become mainstream and by 2007 the first iPhone was introduced starting the smartphone craze. It’s in this timeframe that a feature known as the contacts...

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