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Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds For The Better By Clive Thompson

782 words - 4 pages

People all around agree that technology is changing how we think, but is it changing us for the better? Clive Thompson definitely thinks so and this book is his collection of why that is. As an avid fiction reader I wasn’t sure this book would captivate me, but the 352 pages seemingly flew past me. The book is a whirlwind of interesting ideas, captivating people, and fascinating thoughts on how technology is changing how we work and think.
Smarter than You Think starts out with a cautionary tale of how in 1997 world chess champion Garry Kasparov was beaten by Deep Blue, an I.B.M. supercomputer. This was a considered a milestone in artificial intelligence. If a computer could easily defeat a ...view middle of the document...

From when the telegraph was invented to when the newest iPhone was released. Thompson believes that the internet and our abundance of technology has actually made people more intelligent and literate. Many people may not want to sit down and read a whole book on, let’s say, the politics in Rowanda, but they’ll read a news article or a blog post about it. People are also writing a lot more than before the internet and social media came around. He also says that we can understand people better with social media. Someone’s posts and pictures may tell more about themselves than having a full on conversation with them.
Smarter than You Think has also made a good point that technology, specifically social media, has made it so that even seemingly powerless people can do something. In 2011 during the Egyptian military crackdown a young Egyptian living in Dubai created a Twitter account that reported which hospital tents needed supplies. Supplies were delivered and hundreds of lives were saved because of the “on-the-fly aid organization.” The people helping out were all over the world, and this is only possible due to the internet and technology today. This kind of thing has been happening more and more. People...

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