Smartphone Application Technology: A Couples New Best Friend

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As the physical distance between people grows, entrepreneurs have begun to focus their attention on creating ways for couples in long distance relationships to stay in touch with one another. Societal function has changed drastically and nowadays many couples live part of their lives in long-distance relationships du to work constraints. Modern communication technology is constantly evolving and as distance furthers not only people, but also the intimacy in their relationships, technology must evolve to match this level of separation to preserve relationships. Relationship technology, more specifically smartphone applications help exteriorize our emotions by extending our senses, which in long distance situations would not be felt otherwise. These technologies help maintain relationships which under normal circumstances would not be sustained. In this paper I will look at the phone application “Couple” and Sociologist Manuel Castells theory “The Culture of Real Virtuality”, to discuss these themes.
A technologist’s view for the positive potential of technological advancement would be as such, “as users we will come to rely on our handset as a single device to manage not just communications, but much of our lives. It will truly become a “remote control for life,” with massively enhanced capabilities, advanced methods of user interaction and in-built tools” (Webb, 2007). Webb was quite right in his statement, technology is truly advancing its capabilities and methods of user interaction. An example of this is the ever-evolving relationship communication technology offered currently and coming to the market, which allow couples to connect in more personal ways. Popular publications such as Ebony (2000), New York Times (2000), and Wall Street Journal (1999) have written personal lifestyle stories of how long-distance couples use communication technologies to keep in touch. In 2003 a study; “Communication Technologies and Long-Distance Romantic Relationships”, interviewed numerous couples in long distance relationships. The study found that many couples used traditional methods such as e-mail and phone calls as their main form of communication during their long distance relationships. At the conclusion of the study what was found was that these relationships unfortunately did not last. However, one unique couple adopted the use of advanced communication such as webcam technology and their long distance relationship turned into marriage (Chang, 2003). Common communication technologies such as Facebook, text messaging and instant messaging brought closeness to individuals, friends and families, however technologies which integrate more bodily features and functions such as Skype and now Couple extend our senses to a whole new level. The technologies of human communication are those that enable the establishment of communicative relationships virtually by creating a sense of co-presence (Innis 1951).
Human communication through touch, body language and...

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