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Taking A Look At The Evolution Of Smartphones

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Smartphones are everywhere, no matter the location; from Tibet to New York, all the way to rural Nebraska. Smartphones have become common ownership among the masses as they have become more readily available. They allow us to be productive on the go, communicate with our loved ones and acquaintances, and share memories as we create them. However, there are many implications brought about by the inception of the portable computers we know as smartphones. Many judicial laws have not been updated with changing technology that allows for unforeseen circumstances to be brought against. The smartphone has revolutionized society’s productivity levels, communication, both socially and virtually, as well as ease of portability but has brought forth many new issues accompanied including legal issues, social etiquette, and health concerns.

This history of the smartphone goes back before the term smartphone was even coined together with phone. The first of those devices was the IBM Simon. This primitive device had a touch screen that allowed you to interact with applications such as clock, calendar, a phone book. It even included a block moving game called Scramble. In addition, the device had predictive text in its most primordial form, which would attempt to guess your next set of characters that you were typing. The touch screen was used by a stylus that would additionally allow you to use a dial pad to make calls. In fact, the Simon was much ahead of its time. There was the capacity for memory cards which would extend applications for the phone. The IBM Simon was sold back in 1993 for the retail price of $899 and was considered “bulky and heavy” by most. The Simon had a battery charge that lasted for 60 minutes in run time, 30 if you were a heavy user of the device. Unfortunately, devices like this were well ahead of their time, requiring adopters to be reasonably well off or have some technical expertise to use the devices. The IBM Simon was truly a pioneer of smart phones, even back in 1993 (Sager, 2012).
Many companies would come out with devices that would further push the market of smart phone devices. RIM, Research In Motion, who develops the current Blackberry devices, deserves credit in the smartphone game. Blackberry were on of the first devices to be catered to the enterprise market, providing capabilities such as email, calling, and text messaging on an enterprise level catering mostly to business clients. These devices also contained full QWERTY keyboard which allowed the user to type with their thumbs as if they were typing on a physical keyboard, allowing for much more productive messages and limited use of “text speak” ("Pagers aren't just for paging anymore").
After years of dealing with the same device fragmentation, with every company releasing their iteration of what they thought the “smart device” was, Apple unveiled the new iPhone in January of 2007. The iPhone was revolutionary in both design and functionality. The iPhone...

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