Smartphone Vs Notebook What Is Better? Highschool Homework Assignments

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It is now easier than ever to access the internet. Many people today carry multiple mobile devices to surf the Web, check email, chat anyplace, anytime. But a question always lingers: between a smartphone and laptop, which should you choose for surfing the internet?
Firstly, laptops provide fully fledged computing experience, particularly when you have a device with big screen. Web pages are in full scale and loads pretty fast thanks to high resolution and high processing power. In addition, the computer allows you to open any of the content found on the Internet. No need to worry that the file type is not supported. Your device has a full operating system so you can do a lot without any additional applications. Playing movies (even in 4K) is also not a problem, even on the little-known pages. Laptop can handle with any content found on websites.
Another advantage is physical keyboard which allows for very fast texting and does not cover half of the screen. This is very useful (and also comfortable) when chatting with friends.
Finally, multitasking. Facebook chat right next to the web page with news, music from YouTube in background and opened several other sites. All in one internet browser. For a computer it is not a problem, in the meantime it can download some files from the network, install the game, update the operating system or other applications and will do a lot of other things at...

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