Smartphones: Americas Way Of Simplifying Society

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Smartphones: America's Way of Simplifying SocietyThroughout America's history people have been invented to simplify life. Examples ranging from the earliest Postal Service to text messaging and email have been designed for the convenience of the people. If one item were to be placed in a time-capsule to show people one-thousand years from now what life was like today, the smartphone would be the perfect object to represent American culture. Technology today has managed to incorporate countless amounts of information into one device, making it possible to read a book while simultaneously listening to music and checking the rhythm of a heart beat. Smartphones today have the ability to integrate many past forms of education and communication into one device that can fit into the palm of one's hand.Many medical calculations and procedures have been formatted into downloadable apps for many smartphones; these apps have been proven to eliminate human error from many medical situations. In a recent study conducted by the California HealthCare Foundation, more than two-thirds of all the doctors in America owned a smartphone (Patel MD). When the word "Medical" was entered into the Blackberry App World™ store search criteria, over two hundred and thirty results were shown, all of which were apps designed to contribute to the technologies used in America's healthcare. Medscape™, a commonly used app on Apple™™ products, Android™ operated devices, and Blackberries™, provides healthcare professionals with a Drug Reference Section containing over seven-thousand over-the-counter, brand, and generic drugs (iMedicalApps Team). Medscape™ incorporates a Drug Interaction Checker into the app, insuring that if a person is on multiple medications, a potentially fatal reaction will not occur because of the mixture. According to Amit Patel, a Medical Doctor who uses Medscape™ to help diagnose and treat her patients, "the application has never been wrong; multiple tests have been conducted after my phone provided me with a diagnosis, and the only time when the results had shown otherwise was because of a human error that we were able to fix" (Patel MD). In February of 2011, the Food and Administration Agency of the United States approved of the mobile app known as MIM™ (Wodajo). This approval allowed for doctors to use images of scanned medical procedures, such as the CT and MRI as basis for a diagnosis. The app allows for images from the procedures and even images of x-rays from fractured bones, to be organized into folders for the easy access by the doctor in the future (iMedicalApps Team). Recent studies have also proven that the iPhone™ app PICA Calculator™ is approximately ten times more accurate than the old-fashioned WHO method from the World Health Organization when deciding the proper dosage of medicine for a person (Wodajo).Critics, however, have debated that other technological items such as...

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