Smartphones Among Young Adolescents: Essay Outline And Ideas

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Smartphones among young adolescents.
I will always ask is smartphone making us smarter or dragging our lives backwards. Smartphones have helped us for several years now. Thanks to smartphone many thousands of people are able to communicate with family and friends worldwide. Smartphone has brought many easy accesses to us; we can send email, Snapchat, Facebook and do many more with our smart phone. Smartphone are helpful in some ways and are also not help in some other ways. Our lives are getting easier by the day thanks to smartphones. Is amazing what these phones can do and the type of addiction some of them have but does it really help if students are coming up with bad grades and ...view middle of the document...

It, however, also becomes an addiction. An adolescent relies on his or her phone daily, and he or she will cultivate the habit of looking at the phones every minute. It was recently noted by the German and French University that “The massive use of smartphones and mobile internet is an innovation that began in 2007 when Apple Computers released their first iPhone – before that people were not used to have access to the internet from nearly everywhere” The article was written by Ralph Lucie on November 24, 2013. Research was observed by Lisa Merlo, a psychotherapist from the University of Florida explained that about 100,000 people die of traffic accident yearly they are on their smartphones instead of driving with care in the past years. Based on the research Lisa Merlo did on University of French and German said, we all agree that smartphone has now become a must in our daily lives. Smartphone does not only make our lives easier but also has an addiction.
Young children are on their phones when they are walking, eating and doing their assignment. I,for instance, use my smartphone pretty much every thirty minutes. I use my phone when I am doing my math homework, English and all my other subjects. For the past years that I attended high school in the States I have observed that students use their phones during examinations. Another example that shows less focus on education is students use smart phones as their hope to pass their class and therefore they do no study or focus in class. For example, On January 8, 2014, the faculty focus wrote a daily newsletter about children focusing in class. The news stated that “students who use their mobile phones during class lectures tend to write down less information, recall less information, and perform worse on a multiple-choice test than those students who abstain from using their mobile phones during class.” Students tend to use smartphones to take videos, pictures, play games and text each other in class. Smartphone use among young adolescents results in more inappropriate behaviors. Adolescents grow fasts and adopt the things that they see and learn as their behaviors. Most adolescents learn a lot from their smart phone. A young adult with smart phones can access movies, picture and video that are not rated if he or she has internet. Parents on cyber issues website also expressed their concerns that “Children may inadvertently access content while undertaking online searches or they may seek it out or be referred content by others” or “content that may be blocked by home and school internet filters”. The article was written by Richard Lambert who is an assistant principal of Kalinda primary school in victoria.
Parents are also concerned with the things their children get exposed to, Smartphone surfing is different from the internet we use at home. Schools can have restricted access to some websites but not smartphones. Another example that shows that more inappropriate behaviors are learnt...

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