Smartphones Strike Society Essay

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Astonishingly, most Americans have smartphones near them right now! A smartphone is a mobile cellular device that can perform tasks such as calling, texting, browsing the internet, and downloading applications. The first smartphone was created by IBM in 1992 called Simon. The next year, Simon was placed on the market by a company named BellSouth. BellSouth’s new phone could not browse the internet, yet this new technology could send and receive emails (Itlog 1). Nowadays, Apple and Samsung are the most popular smartphones with their IPhone’s and Galaxies. Smartphones are a new trend growing rapidly in the world. Furthermore, smartphones are replacing common objects such as calculators, telephones, voice recorders, alarm clocks, and flashlights (Arandilla 1). Some people believe that smartphones are taking over the lives of individuals in a negative way, while others believe this advancement is a huge, positive step in the advancement of technology. The percentage of people in the world with smartphones is astonishing, from IPhones to Samsung’s and millions of emails sent, smartphones are the growing trend in today’s pop culture.
The amount of people in the world with smartphones is unimaginable. More than 143 million smartphones are circulating in America (Cohen 1). Smartphones play a large part in the everyday lives of most Americans. In fact, 91 percent of people with smartphones have their smartphones within arm’s reach (Connor 1). Some people believe that smartphones are too prominent in the lives of people. Smartphones are taking over internet browsing. Twenty-five percent of all Americans use smartphones only to browse the internet (Connor 1). Teenagers make up most of the Americans using smartphones to go on the internet. About forty percent of teenagers in America have smartphones. Smartphones are the most common ways for teens to access the internet (AP 1). Some people believe that with the new advancements with smartphones, PC computers will not be as popular with the younger generations. Persons from the ages of 34 and younger make up the largest percentage of smartphone usage. Moreover, this age group makes up fifty-one percent of all smartphone users. Fifty percent of all Android users are under the age of 34; forty-three percent of all Apple users are under the age of 34 (“Smartphone…” 3, 5). The younger generation is very accepting of the new technology constantly being produced. There is an astonishing amount of smartphone users in the world.
Smartphone corporations are permanently competing. Apple is the most popular brand of smartphone with forty percent of all smartphones in circulation. Samsung, also known as Android, comes in second with twenty-four percent. HTC has nine percent, LG owns seven percent, and the final three percent is a mix of different companies (Cohen 7). Apple IPhones were one of the original major smartphones to hit the marketplace and be popular. Recently, Android Galaxy phones have been very popular to...

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