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Smile of Hope (A Grain of Wheat in A Chapter)
Imagine if a person brought you a novel with a title that is called A Grain Wheat. This may sound outsider. Yet, if you were asked to guess what the novel contains, would you be able to give an assumption? The possibilities of you giving a good guess are slime, or nearly impossible. The reason is because there are wide range of possible answers that would make sense. Among all other species that exists on earth, the level of curiosity that human beings have is significant. We enjoy being excited. As a result of that the film making industry generates more money every year than any other industry nowadays because they bring that excitement to ...view middle of the document...

A clear drop of water was delicately suspended above him. The drop fattened and grew dirtier as it absorbed grains of soot. Then it started drawing towards him. He tried to shut his eyes. They would not close. He tried to move his head: it was firmly chained to the bed-frame. The drop grew larger and larger as it drew closer and closer to his eyes. He wanted to cover his eyes with this plums; but his hands, his feet, everything refused to obey his will." (Chapter 1). These lines were taking from the beginning of the first chapter. The writer was aiming to engage readers to pursue reading. Which he successfully was able to accomplish. He brought words into life by describing the smallest details that surrounded Mugo, who is the main character in the novel. The writer success was well deserved because of the beautiful things that he was trying to characterize throughout the first chapter. He was describing things that people can regularly see or experience in their daily life. For instance, everybody can relate to the water that was dropping on Mugo's face, regardless if they were rich or poor. Just imagine that it is raining outside right now to feel like you are in Mugo's shoes. What was really exciting about these lines is that Ngugi utilized his ability of writing to interest people to read more and more. He was making the readers excited by verbalizing emotions, which is a hard task to do for the average person. We all experience moments in life where we want to tell a story for other people, yet sometimes we do not find the right words that would really paint the whole picture of that story. Therefore, His ability of using words will obviously make people excited to complete reading, while being thrilled to find more of these descriptions. Thus, the strength of the first chapter, has a big influence on the novel as whole.
In terms of excitement and establishing a strong tone for the rest of the chapters, the writer included a story in the end of the first chapter that will make readers curious to know more. The story says, " Mugo went home earlier than usual. He had not done much work, yet he was weary. He walked like a man who knows he is followed or watched, yet does not want to reveal this awareness by his gait or behavior. In the evening he heard footsteps outside. Who could his visitor be? He opened the door. Suddenly the all-day mixture of feelings distilled into fear and animosity. Warui, the elder led the group. Standing beside him was Wambui, one of the women from the river. She smiled, exposing a missing line of teeth in her lower jaw. The third man was Gikonyo who had married Kihkia's sister."( Chapter 1). Earlier in the chapter the story says that Mugo has met Warui, Wambui and Gikonyo in the beginning of the day and he felt that each of them was speaking to him in an abnormal way. He felt nervous thinking about the reason of their visit. A lot of thoughts came across his mind but he did not know why they came to his hut at...

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