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Smile Train Essay

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When a child is born you expect that child to be completely healthy. In reality we know that there is a chance that it could be born with serious health issues that can affect them greatly through their life. According to the World Encyclopedia, one out of every seven hundred mothers around the world receive the news that their child has a cleft lip. Cleft lips are openings or splits in the upper lip. A more serious form is cleft palate. A cleft palate is an opening or split in the upper roof of the mouth. This occurs in about one out of every two thousand five hundred births. In developed countries the surgery to correct the cleft lip/palate is a simple surgery that is relatively inexpensive. However in underdeveloped countries the surgery is virtually impossible since there are not many surgeons and they do not have the money for the surgery to be completed. To help solve this problem a non profit organization called the Smile Train was developed. The smile train ...view middle of the document...

The leaders behind this organization devise plans to help the children by either bringing surgeons to them or taking them to the surgeons. According to (citation here) “Since they started going on outreach treks, they’ve contended with leeches, landslides, torrential rain, and an absolute lack of amenities. Team leader Shanker Lama described walking for 18 hours straight simply because he had no place to stop.” These amazing leader travel so far through horrible conditions to help children that they do not even know. They keep their determination through all the conditions to allow children to live normal lives. Their true motivation is the beautiful smiles hiding behind the children’s humiliating deformity. No matter how difficult the obstacles they come across, they always show kindness.
The children born with cleft palates have been isolated and humiliated their whole lives. In the article From Patient to Hero Rojan Pajarin describes his childhood by saying: "In my childhood, being a cleft is no big deal for me. I did not care whenever people tease me or whenever someone imitated the way I speak. This is because I was an only child. And like other children, I was unaffected and did what I want. I felt the support of my family and other people in our barangays – they believe in me. Unexpected changes happened in my teenage years. Each day was a challenge as if I was living a world full of strangers. I was unsure of who to be with and uncertain of who to trust. Most of those I met would surely tease me. I remember being called an idiot. Comments like that made me suffer and made it hard for me to connect to people. There were times when I felt down and I wondered how to rebuild my self-esteem. I knew that there are people who would support me but I sometimes doubted this.” He went through his life feeling like he was completely alone. He was isolated from all the kids he grew up with because of his deformity. He started to not to trust anyone at all. The Smile Train knew that if they were going to help him they would have to show him kindness. The Smile Train showed him kindness building up his trust to them. He soon received the surgery. He now can show that beautiful smile that his deformity has hidden. Although the Smile Train shows kindness to all ,they also show hope.

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