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Smiles Essay

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On a cool December day, my classmates and me went to a rest home to sing Christmas carols to the elderly. At the I was in 4th grade, and it was my first time going to a place like this and I couldn't help but feeling a little nervous, but at the same time I was anxious. My teacher, Mrs. Mello, gave us all jobs such as passing around cookies and cards we made ahead of time. My job was the hardest of them all, I was to go around and talk with people and ask them what they were doing for the holidays and questions like that. There was no turning back now I was too far in.People started to file into the small room decorated with spirited streamers, paper chains, garlands, and ornaments to help make the room feel welcome and harm with holiday spirit. Mrs. Mello had warned us all before that some would be sweet while others wouldn't and then said to me, " Most of them would enjoy a friendly smile for their holidays. For some that's all they need to brighten up their holidays, so go ahead and smile." The smiling I knew I could handle, but I wasn't quite sure about what she meant when she said, " for some that's all they need to lighten up their holidays". I began smiling as we began to sing our first song " Silent Night". I made sure that I smiled the most sincere smile I could as I kept on singing. I looked into their eyes and received smiles back, but with others I didn't. Even though many didn't smile back, it didn't discourage me, so I kept on smiling.There was one particular woman who looked as if she was very old and seemed lonely. To this day I remember exactly what she was wearing. She was dressing in a light colored pink T-shirt with lightly colored tan pants. Her hair was particularly white with a cute little pink clip attached to the right side of her head. Her eyes were the best quality about her, bright and blue.The women kept on looking at me and just stared. I felt a little strange and thought she might have had a...

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807 words - 3 pages interpersonal communication (Riggio & Friedman, 1985), we were led to wonder whether the type of smile a person exhibited would influence attraction in the opposite or preferred sex. The eyes are the primary facial region that shows differences between genuine and forced smiles (Frank, Ekman, & Friesen, 1982). Based on this study, and on facial behavior studies done by French anatomist G.B. Duchenne, two main muscle groups illustrate the

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1345 words - 5 pages for women to exhibit. They observed gender differences in smiling during communication in a laboratory setting. They hypothesized that women would smile more often than men during conversation. They found a significant difference between the number of smiles per minute by women (mean = 3.93) and men (mean = 1.84). Deutsch, LeBaron and Fryer (1987) conducted a study in which participants rated pictures of smiling and non-smiling men

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1245 words - 5 pages human face communicates a number of visual signals one of which is friendliness. Early in life the ability to recognize smiles has been shown to happen in infants as young as a few months old (Srofe & Waltzer, 1979). Cross culturally smiles are frequently and readily used as a gesture of friendliness (Thompson & Meltzer, 1964). Therefore it is reasonable to believe smiling would help attract a possible mate, since friendliness is an important

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1069 words - 4 pages for granted. Look around; smiles are everywhere. From the most depressing depths of poverty to the fenced in lives of the wealthy, we all find something to smile about. A smile helps us display our feelings to the world. Feelings of love, joy, or just pure uncensored laughter; all put on display with a smile. The darkest of days; brightened by a simple 'flexing' of seventeen muscle in the mouth. Smiles are crooked teeth, perfect teeth and

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782 words - 4 pages words of John Bernard. He moves to take a seat or at least find somewhere to stand. A few people share knowledge of him is their eyes and he smiles faintly, this makes it easy for him to get to the front of the room or close to Mr. Bernard and give him a chance to really hear and feel his words. “Second Treatise on Civil Government”, is his own work and has apparently made its way over to Massachusetts. A man sees him and stands, words are

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