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The Teacher That Was Like Father

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“Mr. Odis influenced many students at Heartly High School. Students loved going to his class. He gave good advice and helped all his students the best way he could. Mr. Odis was a man that believed in William Durant statement ‘Education is the transmission of civilization.’ He was an old high school history teacher. He was tall, muscular, and dark skinned almost as if he was the color of the midnight sky. He had a shaky voice, which gave the impression to some students and teachers that he was afraid to talk. He was very old school, but dressed young a lot. He loved dressing young because of his size. The way he dressed is the reason why all students thought he was cool just by looking at him.
He loved all of his classes but his favorite class to see was his fifth period. He would tell them all the time, ‘It's only because there's something different about you all from every other class.’ By the middle of September, he knew about all of his students in that class very well, except two students and that was Makenzie and Johnathan. They would both sit in the back of the class every day, about two seats away from each other.
Makenzie was, not to be mean, a little overweight for an eleventh grader or any other person. She wasn’t like the other big girls at Heartly High; she was different. She wore clothes appropriate for her size and stayed very quiet during class. Johnathan would always wonder why she was so quiet and so did Mr. Odis. Makenzie never really knew Johnathan or understood why Johnathan was as quiet as her, until one day Mr. Odis decided to get to know both of them.

That day, Mr. Odis called both Makenzie and Johnathan to his desk and asked them if they would have a conference with him for thirty minutes after school. They both agreed to, not knowing what they were actually agreeing to. That whole day until the time came Johnathan wondered, ‘What exactly did I agree to?’ When the time finally came, they walked to his classroom. He asked Makenzie and Johnathan to grab a chair and sit in front of his desk. Even though Johnathan was quiet in Mr. Odis’s class for some reason he was scared. Mr. Odis began to talk, ‘I’ve come to know all the students in my fifth block class one by one, but I haven’t...

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