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Our planet of water
We are all living on this planet, Earth. Do you see the blue part? That's all water. See, almost 3/4 of our planet is covered by water. That is why Earth is often called "the planet of water."
But 98% of water is sea water and it's too salty for us to use. Moreover, since most of this remaining 2% freshwater is ice, less than 0.3% of water on Earth is directly available to us. But our precious water is getting dirty. Now, let's see how much our life depends on water and how we can keep our water clean and safe.

Human beings, animals and plants, all living creatures on Earth need water to live and grow. We all take water. Do you know that around 65% of our body is made out of water?
Water - part of us -
How much water is in our body?
Human Buffalo Fish Chicken Banana

Water is essential to our daily life in many ways. This is our village. Let's see what we are doing....
Water - Essential to our daily life -
Jai is farming.
Leela is watering the vegetable garden.
Lin is drawing water.
Jai's father is drinking boiled water.
Lita is fetching water.

Water is used in many ways such as for agriculture and household use. How many ways do you see? Can you think of any other ways?
Tin is fishing.
Ana and Pon are swimming.
Mina is washing clothes.
Buffalo are bathing.
Min is bathing.

We saw how much we depend on water in our daily life. On the other hand, we unconsciously cause a lot of damage to the water every day. The amount of pollutants each person puts in the water may be small. Yet if everyone does the same, every day, soon there will be no clean safe water left.
Here are some examples of water pollution. Let's see how our precious water becomes dirtier every day.
What's making water dirty?
Using chemical detergent and not having proper waste water management
Throwing garbage into the river

Besides all this, factories put a lot of pollutants into the river and oceans.
Human and animal wastes near the well
Spraying chemical pesticides

As a result of water pollution, we face many problems. Let's see what kind of problems there might be...
Polluted water causes trouble.
When we drink polluted water, and/or eat fish from polluted rivers, we may...
have fever
have diarrhea

Dirty water could cause many problems for every living creature. We have to prevent water pollution and keep our water clean and safe.
River water will be spoiled and fish will die.
Fish and other creatures will be deformed because of chemicals.

What to do to keep our water clean and safe Putting garbage into a bin and separating it into organic and other garbage.
Keeping garbage dump and toilet away from the water source
making a proper sewage system and reducing the use of chemical detergent by switching to organic soap.
Cleaning the river and its surroundingsKeep our village clean
Put the garbage here.
organic soap: soap made by natural ingredients

Practicing organic farming and...

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