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Diverse weapons are used in a battlefield against an adversary. The destructive effect of weapons also differs from one weapon to another. Weapons can be classified as toxic or non-toxic. An example of a toxic weapon is a smoke bomb. It is composed of a mixture of chemicals, zinc oxide being a chief constituent. Upon explosion, it releases a gush of zinc chloride fumes into the air. These fumes are poisonous, and when inhaled, cause a fatal condition called Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).
How exactly does this condition pose a danger to life? A major effect of ARDS is build up of thick sputum in the lungs. Sputum has an adverse effect of greatly reducing lung elasticity. This hinders the lungs from expanding to allow enough volume of oxygen to flow in and mix with blood for circulation to the rest of the body. The curtailed amount of oxygen in the lungs causes a domino effect in the ...view middle of the document...

In the case where a victim experiences prolonged exposure to fumes from a smoke bomb, the patient suffers complications which cannot be resolved through mechanical ventilation. In such situations ECLS is preferable; it yields comparatively higher chances of survival to the patients. Since ARDS essentially involves deprivation of oxygen in the blood, ECLS works to revert such effects by oxygenating the bloo.
Blood is drawn from the venous system of the patient, usually through the venacava, and is allowed to flow through the treatment machine. Depending on the severity of the condition, high amounts of oxygen are infused into the blood under highly controlled environment and under close monitoring. The blood is then directed back into the heart through the right atrium. This procedure is dangerous; chances of surviving are low. As such, the procedure should only be performed as an option of last resort.
In the examination of ECLS, in contrast to mechanical ventilation, several notable differences stand out. To start with, mechanical ventilation is not suitable for a patient with ARDS. Patient suffering from ARDS usually have the respiratory system impaired. It thus does not yield a positive response due to the inherent internal complications. On the contrary, ECLS oxygenates the blood externally and is able to overcome the impediment of a failing respiratory system. In addition, ECLS, unlike mechanical ventilation, is a complex procedure requiring a lot of pertinent data and specialists such as a cardiovascular surgeon.
In view of the above differences, and the higher prospect of the patient recuperating from the life-threatening condition, the importance of ECLS cannot be over-emphasized. According to the reference journal article, the procedures for the two methods have been explained at length. However , the reference article fails to bring out the intersection between the mechanical ventilation and ECLS in the treatment of ARDS. In conclusion, ARDS is a dangerous condition which requires quick medical response; it not only cause damage to the lungs but also failure to other body systems.

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