Smoke Signals: Opening A New And Better Past

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In the movie Smoke Signals, based on a collection of short stories by Sherman Alexie, a young man named Victor must change his ways of thought or be consumed by the rage, sorrow, and depression of his father leaving his mom and him alone on the Coeur d’ alene Indian reservation in Idaho. Numerous years later Victor’s father is reported to have died in his trailer in Phoenix, Arizona. Victor must collect his father’s remains and bring them home. As you read this you will see that this trip will change Victor for the greater good.
When we begin this story, Victor is a rude, aggressive, cocky, and is a bully to anyone he encounters. But he has a soft spot for his mother. Thomas, Victor’s cousin, always gets the blunt of victor’s bullying; however, Thomas comprehends Victor’s feelings and tries to love him the best a cousin can. So when Thomas gets word of Victor’s fathers’ death, he shows a large jar of money to Victor and offers to pay for the trip as long as he is permitted to accompany him on his journey. Victor hesitates, but then the next day he agrees to his terms. This is the beginning of their trip through the white mans land.
On their journey Victor and Thomas hit the road on a bus to Phoenix, Arizona and meet a gymnast who, at one of her comments gets called a liar by Victor. She leaves to the front of the bus because her feelings are damaged. Then the next day they meet two cowboys who at a rest station steal their row on the bus while Victor is showing Thomas how to loosen up by getting him some good clothes and when he realizes they would lose in a brawl against the cowboys. So they retreated to seats near the rear of the bus, grabbing their possessions on the way back. Because they were pissed they began to sing very loud for the rest of the bus ride. Suzy Song, Victor’s father’s neighbor when the boys arrive, gives them the fathers’ remains and lets them spend the night at her place. While they are there Suzy tells...

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