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Smoking And Health Essay

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Tobacco use is one of the major health indicators according to the Healthy People 2010 program. Community Health Nurses are aware that tobacco use is the world’s leading single avoidable cause of death. Many major diseases are caused by cigarette smoking including different types of cancers. If the current trends of tobacco use in the United States continues, it is estimated that five million people under the age of 18 will die prematurely from a smoking related disease. Studies also show that maternal tobacco use is associated with mental retardation and some birth defects in the new born babies (CDC grand rounds, 2010). Intervening to the problem and evaluating the results are utterly important to control and treat a major public health problem. Providing health care and education to promote the quality of life for those in the community is a main goal of community-oriented nurses.
Interventions that can be implemented by the community health nurse will be assessed. Those interventions include: providing education classes in the community, providing alternatives to help reduce smoking, and communicating with the nurses in the schools to review school policies regarding tobacco use and the corrective processes. Tobacco use is the single leading avoidable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States.
Community Education Classes
Health promotion campaigns should be arranged community wide through which the general public can be made aware of the risks of smoking and environmental tobacco smoke. These campaigns should include explanations of methods to prevent lung cancer such as abstinence and avoiding ETS. The campaigns should also include alternatives to smoking and the offer the use of nicotine replacement therapy for those that meet the criteria. Even though the multi-medias offer a lot of important information, it is always more beneficial for people to have a face to face conversation about any subject especially if it concerns their health. Health professionals are the best people who can educate the public. During the education classes, participants should be given information about the effects of the tobacco use on their health and its effect on others.
It is important to let the people know that even after quitting the chances of developing lung cancer remains high. The only difference is that as time goes the chances of getting lung cancer decreases. When comparing a smoker to a person who quit smoking, both of them are in danger. But the person who quit smoking has reduced his or her chance of developing lung cancer. “The prevention of smoking initiation among nonsmokers and the encouragement of smoking cessation among smokers lead to a decline in lung cancer incidents and mortality, which recently has been seen in states instituting aggressive anti- smoking campaigns” (Kelly, & MacCrory, 2003, p.55s). As an alternative, pamphlets are handed out with phone numbers that...

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