Smoking And Its Effects Essay

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Smoking and Its Effects

Most people know that smoking is bad for your lungs and causes cancer.
But few are aware of the effects of smoking on their heart. When you
smoke, toxic chemicals from tobacco enter your blood stream. These
chemicals send signals to your heart to beat harder and faster,
causing blood vessels to constrict and forcing blood to travel through
a smaller space.

Both of the effects cause high blood pressure. A recent article in the
Journal of the American Medical Association suggested that the
benefits of quitting smoking are enormous, particularly lowering the
risk of heart disease by almost 50%. Besides causing lung cancer, it
has been linked to bladder and prostate cancer. Stopping will improve
your stamina and sense of taste and smell. Smoking also increases the
risk of stroke, and women who smoke and use oral contraceptives are at
a much higher risk of having a stroke than women who don't smoke.
Quitting smoking may be difficult, but it's worth a try.

ï‚· Smoking causes 31,820 deaths from lung cancer every year in the UK,
and overall results in approximately 120,000 deaths each year.

ï‚· If you regularly smoke and drink you are more likely to get cancer
of the throat than someone who doesn't. If you do contract it you have
a high chance of dying within the following five years.

ï‚· It is not only smoking cigarettes that is dangerous and puts your
health at risk, cigars and pipes also increase your chances of getting

ï‚· Although lung cancer caused by smoking is the most common cancer in
men and the second most common in women, smoking can also cause cancer
of the throat, mouth, gullet, larynx, bladder, kidney, pancreas and

ï‚· Apart from the serious risk of cancer that you undertake when you
smoke there are also other negative health implications: tar builds up
on your lungs and your lung capacity is reduced, which can lead to a
difficulty when breathing, and your chances of a heart attack are

ï‚· The best way to reduce the risk of getting cancer whilst
simultaneously improving your general health and appearance is to stop


Asthma is defined as variable obstruction or narrowing of the main
breathing tubes, the bronchi, in response to a number of different
insults or stimuli. The variation in the airways can occur
spontaneously or as a result of treatment.

The incidence of asthma is a increasing in the UK and Europe, a trend
attributed to a variety of causes. Recent surveys have suggested an
incidence of asthma in children of around 1:5 and 1: 10 in adults.


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